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Title: The Dictionary of Needlework
Author/Designer: Sophia Frances Anne Caulfeild, Blanche C. Saward
Format/Publication Date: HC:1972
Publisher: Arno Press, NY
Page Count: 528
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11 1/4" x 8 3/4"
ISBN: 0405006950

SUMMARY- This is a facsimile edition reprinted from the original published by L. Upcott Gill, London, in 1882. There are nearly 800 wood engravings throughout. Arno Press did a great job of reproducing this book without making it feel like they just bound a photocopy. The text and pages are clean and neat and crisp enough I don't feel anything was lost from the original. There is no Table of Contents - it is, after all, a dictionary, and is laid out as such, starting with the entry "Abaca", the native name for the Manilla hemp, and ending with "Zulu Cloth", a closely woven twill-made cloth designed for Crewel Embroidery. The "Tatting" entry covers (14)fourteen pages! The article is well laid out and well developed, all terms defined and explained, with examples given. There are what look like SCMR(self-closing mock rings) in the Diamond motif shown, but the instructions don't read correctly for this. There are some very clever visual illusions accomplished with refacing of chains, and the article overall does a fantastic job of showing what can be accomplished with what we think of now as the traditional techniques. If you are interested in the history of tatting, this is a great find. If you want some traditional examples that still have some magic in them, or if you puzzle over terms and words that have fallen out of use - this is a fantastic find. This one is going on my "must have in my library" shelf.