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  • 1. Simple Sewing
  • 2. Advanced Sewing and Tailoring
  • 3. Simple Embroidery
  • 4. Advanced Embroidery
  • 5. Appliqué, Quilting, Patchwork and Tufting
  • 6. Knitting
  • 7. Crocheting
  • 8. Hairpin Lace, Netting and Net Embroidery
  • 9. Tatting
  • 10. Needlepoint
  • 11. Rug Making
  • 12. Weaving
  • 13. Sewing for the Home
  • 14. Miscellaneous
  • Index

Title: Good Housekeeping Needlecraft Encyclopedia
Editor: Alice Carroll, for Hearst Magazines Inc.
Format/Publication Date: HC:1947
Publisher: Stamford House, NY
Page Count: 479
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 8 1/2" x 6"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- The tatting chapter consists of about 16 pages. All but one photo is black-and-white. I found it kind of interesting because in the first chapter it goes into detail on describing what a shuttle looks like(but no photo or illustration), then in the second paragraph, talks about Jiffy tatting being "the newest angle of this old art. It is to tatters, what jiffy knitting is to knitters." So far as I know, "Jiffy" tatting is a trademark for the needle tatting style Ed and Selma Morin developed for "Workbasket magazine". I don't know how far back the Morin's patterns appeared in "Workbasket magazine", because designers were not commonly attributed in needlecraft magazines. At some point, I'll hunt down when the Morin's trademarked the term...

There is the ubiquitous basic tatting lesson, a small scattering of edgings and a couple of motifs. Patterns are in written notation common at the time and not broken down.