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  • Things Worth Knowing:
    • How to Sash Silk Knit Articles
    • How to stretch Finished Embroidery
    • Appropriate and Useful Presents
    • Quantity of Silk Required for Various Articles
    • Encouragement to Knitters
    • What May be Made With Silk
    • Various Stitches
    • Scale for Socks and Stockings
    • Abbreviations and Explanations of Terms
    • Silk Stockings(pattern)
    • Child's Silk Stocking- Ribbed Work(pattern)
    • Lady's Ribbed Silk Stocking(pattern)
    • Knitted Knee Caps(pattern)
    • Baby's Socks(pattern)
    • Child's Leggings(pattern)
    • A Little Boot(pattern)
    • Baby's Boot(pattern)
    • Mittens(pattern)
    • Infant's Mittens(pattern)
    • Fancy Mitten(pattern)
    • Fancy Mitt(pattern)
    • Child's Under Drawers(pattern)
    • Child's Petticoat Waist(pattern)
    • Baby's Vest(pattern)
    • Infant's Band(pattern)
    • Bicycle Cap(pattern)
    • Long Purse(pattern)
    • Ellen Terry Fascinator(pattern)
    • Fluted Edging(pattern)
    • Diamond Pattern Edging(pattern)
    • Knitted Fringe(pattern)
    • Baby's Hood(pattern)
    • Infant's Sacque(pattern)
    • Child's Petticoat Skirt(pattern)
    • Bicycle Cap(pattern)
    • Tam O'Shanter Cap(pattern)
    • Long Purse(pattern)
    • Empress Lace(pattern)
    • Deep Saw Edging(pattern)
    • Clover Leaf Edging(pattern)
    • Pansy Edging(pattern)
    • Picot Lace(pattern)
    • Shell Lace(pattern)
    • Old Saw Tooth Edging(pattern)
    • Torchon Lace(pattern)
    • Mikado, or Fan Lace(pattern)
    • Ruching(pattern)
    • Wheel(pattern)
    • Fringe with Crochet Heading(pattern)
    • Fringe with Crocheted Medallion Heading(pattern)
    • Double Rosette or Daisy(pattern)
  • EMBROIDERY(by Margaret B. Harvey):
    • Illustrated Embroidery Stitches
    • New Stitches
    • Proper Shades in Embroidery
    • Crazy Stitches
    • Tatting Edge(pattern)
    • Fairy Queen Edge(pattern)

Title: Ladies' Hand Book: "The Last and Best Book" on Knitting Crocheting Embroidery
Author/Designer: Brown, Durrell & Co.
Format/Publication Date: TPB:1890
Publisher: Brown, Durrell & Co., Boston, MA
Language: English
Page Count: 112
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 7 1/2" x 4 1/4"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- This book was primarily an organ for corset ads(though they also advertised Brown's French Dressing, safety pins, and Coats thread). There was no author given, nor was there a copyright date. I was able to place the time period it was published based on some of the ads' copy. The booklet is not quite a third ads(33 of the 112 pages), and they are spaced out except for a heavier section at the beginning and the end of the book. You only get two tatting patterns, and one of them doesn't have a sample photo. The one they do show is rather attractive(page 73), though, and not just the quasi-obligatory Hen&Chicks pattern.

Instructions for the two tatting patterns are written up very differently from each other - as though two different designers wrote them, and the editor chose not to transcribe them into a more uniform style.