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Title: Block Alphabets in Split Ring Tatting
Author/Designer: Karen Bovard
Format/Publication Date: TPB:2015
Publisher: Self, Omaha, NE
Page Count: 42
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: 9780983544128

SUMMARY- Colored Diagrams are used instead of written patterns, and are well laid out and easy to follow. The color in the diagrams lets you know where the split rings split, and the rings are numbered so you know where to start and can easily see where you are going - I don't think you can get better than that! She has five books out as of this writing all having to do with using split rings to make pixilated fabric. This book doesn't have a Table of Contents, but it includes two sizes of monogram: 1) seven(7) rings high by five(5) rings wide, and 2) ten(10) rings high by 8-10 rings wide. Also included are a nice variety of over a dozen frames for putting the monograms or anniversary numbers(yes, she also did numbers for each alphabet) in. I'm a sucker for monogram sets, so I was particularly pleased to add this book to my library.

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