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  • Biography and Dedication
  • Introduction
  • What is Split Ring Tatting Technique
  • Traditional Tatting vs Split Ring Tatting Technique Comparison
  • Step by Step Direciton to Make a 5DS/5DS Split Ring
  • A Note About Tension
  • Written Pattern Directions for Split Ring Tatting
  • Reverse Double Stitch
  • Three Methods to Tat Split Rings Physically
  • Variations of Split Ring Tatting Technique:
    • Use of One or Two Colors of Thread
    • Use of Picots
    • Use of Space or No Space of Thread Between Split Rings
    • Even Split Ring Tatting
    • Uneven Split Ring Tatting
  • Introduction to Take-Off Rings(TOR's)
  • Intro/Guide/Key to Split Ring Visual Patterns:
    • Key Points of Visual Patterns
    • Regularly Tatted Rings as Seen in Visual Patterns--Including Take Off Rings
    • Split Rings in Visual Patterns
    • Colored Letters in Visual Patterns
    • Direction of Arcs
    • Visual Pattern Clues as to Use of Frontside/Backside Tatting
    • Visual Pattern Clues as to When to Reverse Work
  • Step by Step Instructions as to How to Read Visual Patterns, Ex. A
  • Step by Step Instructions as to How to Read Visual Patterns, Ex. B
  • Special Construction & Enhancement Techniques:
    • All Rings are Tatted with No-Space of Thread Between Rings
    • Picot Size--Use of Joining Picots
    • Joining Tools
    • Use of an Extra Half Stitch on First Portion of Split Rings and Regular Rings
    • Dropping the Shuttle Through the ring Before Closing the Ring on "Frontside" Ring Elements
    • Closing Rings to Achieve a Specific Shape: Teardrop vs Round Shape
    • Neatening the Rings and Stitches
    • Use of Frontside/Backside Tatting and Joining Technique Strategies
    • Variables that Dictate Which Join(Up or Down) to Use
  • Path of the Pattern
  • Bookmark vs Edging Pattern

Title: Fun With Split Ring Tatting
Author/Designer: Karen Bovard
Format/Publication Date: TPB:2012
Publisher: The Shuttlesmith Publishing Co., Omaha, Neb.
Page Count: 65
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 10" x 8"
ISBN: 9780983544104

SUMMARY- Excellent photos and diagrams to get you started on this technique. Visual Patterns are used instead of written patterns, and are well laid out and easy to follow. I was really pleased to add this book to my library.

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