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  • The Cluny Hold
  • Simple Cluny Wheel
  • Cluny Butterfly Square
  • Cluny Butterfly Bookmark
  • Wide Cluny Butterlfy Edge
  • Cluny Rolled Bookmark
  • The Cluny Rose
  • Cluny Star with Dimpled Ring
  • Small Cluny Rose
  • Cluny Rose Cross
  • Rose with Beads and Metallic threads
  • Reverse Cluny Edging
  • Combined Cluny Heart
  • Daisy with Leaves

Title: Cluny Tatting Designs
Author/Designer: Joy Botchlet
Format/Publication Date: TPB:1993
Publisher: Tatting Concepts, Oklahoma City, OK
Page Count: 19
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 8 1/2" x 5 1/2"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- I love the look of cluny leaves, and Ms. Botchlet gives you a lovely handful of designs using them. I tried following her instructions on making the cluny leaf and couldn't get it done, so I'll have to get someone to show me how, but I thought it was worth the money just to have the designs. This book is not for a beginner in any case, as the instructions for the patterns aren't written out, and the diagrams could be confusing to a novice. The copy I got also looked like a photocopy of a photocopy except for the cover, so the diagrams are faded and harder to read.