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  • 24 Hearts

Title: Julehjerter i Orkis(Christmas Hearts in Tatting)
Author/Designer: Lene Bjorn
Format/Publication Date: Booklet:2015
Publisher: Bjornen, Denmark
Page Count: 53
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 10 1/8" x 8"
ISBN: 9788799864904

SUMMARY- The designs are crisp and beautiful with a good photo of each finished work. You'd better know how to read diagrams, though. Patterns are not written out. I had more difficulty with her snowflake book than I've had with all other books combined - and I've done rather a lot of tatting. This book came six years later, so maybe I'm being overly pessimistic on my chances of successfully executing these patterns. The patterns, as usual, are visually stunning and will make you eager to make them all. They are designed to be made in pairs in order to make hanging baskets to put treats and small gifts in on your Christmas tree. They look perfect for this.