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  • Hearts for Someone Special:
    • Valentines to Craft and Stitch:
      Needlepoint Pansy(James Williams),
      Tatted Valentine(Marion Leyds),
      Cut-Paper Greetings,(Ciba Vaughan)
      Cross-stitched "BE MINE"(James Williams)
    • Satin-Covered Candy Box(Ciba Vaughan)
      and Woodburned Trinket Boxes(Mimi Shimmin)
    • Keepsake Floral Bouquet(Marlene Burnell)
    • Sweetheart Picture Frame(James Williams)
    • Lace-Trimmed Sachets(Phyllis Dunstan)
  • Easy Hearts to Make and Give:
    • Flowered Pocket Embroidery(James Williams)
    • Quick-to-Knit Child's Hat(Mary Lamb Becker)
    • Ribbon-Trimmed Belt, Bag(C.M. Offray & Sons, Inc.)
    • Beginner's Cross-stitch(Jenny Blethen)
    • Embroidered Folk-Art Pillow(Pat Kraus)
    • Woven Rush Basket(Holly Adams)
    • Woodcrafter's Trinket Box(Richard Rabanus)
    • Appliquéd Child's Comforter(Dorothy Heisey)
  • Hearts for the Home and Hearth:
    • Knitted Afghan(Dixie Falls),
      Child-Size Chair(Barbara Krumhardt),
      and Stenciled Place Mats(Linda Emmerson)
    • Heart-Trimmed Grapevine Wreath(Nancy Lindemeyer)
    • Painted Heart Quilt(Shirley J. Hewlett)
    • Homespun Crocheted Edging(Ginger Bassett)
    • Delicate Filet-Crocheted Trim(Ginger Bassett)
    • Pierced-Paper Lampshades(Mimi McLellan)
    • Appliquéd Calico Quilt(Becky Senti)
    • Painted Heirloom Cradle(James Williams)
    • Braided Heart Rug(Elizabeth Eakins)
  • Hearts for the Holidays:
    • Christmas Tree Ornaments:
      Sweet-and-Simple Calicoes(Unknown),
      Strips and Squares Hearts(Debbie Felton),
      Stitch-and-Stuff Pocket(Laura Kluvo),
      Floral Needlepoint Heart(Unknown),
      Old-Fashioned Crazy Quilting(Unknown),
      Fanciful Hearts with Flowers(Phyllis Dunstan),
      Antique Patchwork(Unknown),
      Quilter's Feather Wreath(Ciba Vaughan),
      Quick-and-Easy Crocheted Heart(Unknown),
      Lacy Tatted Heart(Marion Leyds)
    • Papier-Mäché Christmas Trims(Ann Marie Kocherga)
    • Pretty Paper Cards(Linda Emmerson),
      and Baskets(Linda DeMichele-Price)
    • Cross-stitched Crazy-Quilt Stocking(Laura Holtorf)
    • Old-World Wreath to Embroider(Ciba Vaughan)
    • Country-Style Wreath and Candlesticks(Rebecca Jerdee)
  • Heartfelt Sayings:
    • "Your Love for Mine" Lilac Wreath(James Williams), Pillowcase Border(Unknown)
    • "Home Is Where the Heart Is" Pillow to Cross-stitch(Ann Levine)
    • "Willkommen" Painted Sign(Pipka's Workshop)
    • "To Have a Friend, Be One" Needlepoint Sampler(Laura Holtorf, Sara Jane Treinen)
    • "Love and Kisses" Needlepoint Toy(James Williams)
  • Acknowledgments

Title: Better Homes and Gardens HEARTS to Stitch & Craft
Editor: Gerald M. Knox
Format/Publication Date: HC:1984
Publisher: Meredith Corp., Des Moines, IA
Page Count: 80
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: 0696010852

SUMMARY- There are a lot of lovely projects packed into this book, and a lot of different disciplines are covered. I like that kind of potpourri approach, so this was a great find for me. You get color photos of all the projects, though it's hard to see detail in many of them - especially the group photos of the smaller projects(of which the tatted heart is one). They gave the designer's names - as an afterthought on the last page of the book. I've taken the time to put the designer's names in parenthese beside their design in the Table of Contents - it took about an hour of my life I'll never get back.

There is only one tatting pattern - a gorgeous heart designed by DMC's Marion Leyds. It is used in two places in this book - as a tree ornament, and as an attractive card applique.