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    • Berlin Wool Work:
      King Charle's Spaniel Pillow,
      Berlin Wool Work Box Inset,
      Berlin Wool Work Violets,
      Roses and Pansies Bookmark
      by Hollis Greer Minor
    • Needlework Necessities:
      Button Bag(Laura Kluvo),
      Strawberry Chatelaine(Laura Kluvo),
      Baby Shoe Pincushion(Kathy Pace),
      Needle Book and Fond Friend Pincushion
      Time-to-Sew Chatelaine
    • Milady's Writing Desk:
      Floral Desk Set(Betsy Edwards),
      Tatted Rose and Rosebud Notepaper(Darlene Polachic)
    • Fine Handmade Laces:
      Two-Tone Tatted Doily(Darlene Polachic),
      Knit Star and Heart Motif Doilies(Ann Blakeslee),
      Crochet Peaches and Cream Shawl(Nancy Hearne),
      Hardanger Doily(Darlene Polachic),
      Cherubs and Lady Table Lace(filet,Nancy Hearne)
    • The Gibson Girl
      by Saundra Ros Altman with Wendy S. Honey
    • Whispers From the Past:
      Making Your Own Ribbon Roses,
      Ribbon and Lace Brooches,
      Rectangular Photograph Pin,
      Oval Photograph Pin,
      Bouquet of Roses Pin,
      Choosing, Cleaning and Preparing Old Crochet Lace,
      Aging Brass Charms
      by Betty Auth
    • Glorious Beadwork:
      Beaded Keepsake Pots(Sandy Miller),
      Beaded Amulet Necklace(Martha Stedifor), Roses and Fronds Beaded Tray(Barbara Gordon)
    • The Cameo
      by Nancy A. Fandel
    • Small Endearments:
      Victorian Ruched Handbag(Laurie Nienhaus,Karen Ray),
      Beaded Snood(Melody Mac Duffee),
      Camelia Ring Box(Sharon Shetley),
      Brazilian Embroidery Brooch, Pincushion(Sharon Shetley),
      Peacock Feather Fan(Chris Malone),
      Paper-cut Picture Mat(Linda Arthur)
    • Crazy Logs & Nine-Patch:
      Nine-Patch Variation Quilt(Lucy Fazely),
      Crazy Logs Wall Hanging(Betty Auth)
    • How to Choose Batting
      by Donna Wilder
    • Tea-Dying
    • From the Editor:
      Heart and Soul
      by Linda True Stueve
    • Places of Interest
    • (3)Tatted Stars
      by Lauren Pelc
    • Blackwork Embroidery
      by Joan Beiriger
    • Gift Boutique
    • Caring For Handmade Lace
    • Stitch Abbreviations
    • Thoughts of Remembrance
    • Stitch Diagrams
    • Buying Guide
    • Reader Questionnaire
    • Information Worth Writing For

Title: Victorian Treasures
Editor: Linda True Stueve
Format/Publication Date: TPB:1996
Publisher: Better Homes & Gardens Special Interest Publications, Meredith Corp., Des Moines, IA
Page Count: 144
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- There are a lot of lovely projects packed into this magazine, and a lot of different disciplines are covered. I like that kind of potpourri approach, so this was a great find for me.

The tatting patterns are competently done - the two-tone doily by Darlene Polachic is the stand-out design in this periodical. The three stars and rosebud notepaper are pretty basic stuff. Written notation was used and no diagrams. The photos are lovely, but not designed to let you use them in lieu of a diagram. I'm usually leery of photography that dressed the picture with a lot of distraction - that usually means the design can't stand on its own. This turned out to be one of the exceptions. The projects have enough detail and originality to be satisfying. I've put the tatting patterns in bold in the Table of Contents so that you can find the designer's names more easily.