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  • Preface
    • Needlepoint Pincushion
    • Tatted Pincushion
      by DMC Corp.
    • Blocking Needlepoint
    • Fan-Shape Pincushion(pieced)
    • Crocheted Pincushion
    • Crazy Quilted Shoe Pincushion
    • Beaded Sewing Set
    • Lily-of-the-Valley Book Cover, Bookmark(needlepoint)
    • Stitched Paper Box
    • Darning Sampler
    • Battenberg Lace Envelope Pillow
    • Embroidered Floral Monogram
    • Embroidery Floss Tassels
    • Hardanger Shelf Edging
    • Crocheted Shade Pulls
    • Knitted Leaf Edging
    • Wide Tatted Pillow Edging
    • Knitted Fan Edging
    • Filet Crochet Edging
    • Narrow Tatted Pillow Edging
    • Wide Knitted V-Shape Edging
    • Narrow Knitted V-shape Edging
    • Fabric-Covered Picture Frames
    • Tatting Abbreviations
    • Guide to Tatting
    • Cross-stitch Flower Basket
    • Cross-stitch Linen Napkins
    • Ribbon Plastic Canvas Napkin Rings
    • Crochet Antimacassar(flower basket)
    • Filet Crochet Tea Cozy
    • Crochet Teapot Doily
    • Teatime Cross-stitch
    • Filet Robins and Roses Tablecloth Edging
    • Crochet and Rickrack Coasters
    • Crochet and Rickrack Tablecloth
    • Embellishments for Crazy Quilting
    • Basic Embroidery Stitches
    • Crazy-Quilting Techniques
    • Flower and Vine Antimacassar(filet)
    • Picot Wheel-Motif Tablecloth(Crochet)
    • Morning-Glory Picture Mat(cross-stitich)
    • Cross-stitching with Beads
    • Home Sweet Home Sampler(cross-stitch)
    • Floral Welcome Sampler(cross-stitch)
    • Needlepoint Fruit Compote Pillow
    • Strawberry Lace Crochet Afghan
    • Needlepoint Tulip Bouquet Pillow
    • Jewel-Tone Afghan(crochet)
    • Jewel-Tone Pillow(crochet)
    • Filet Crochet Chickens Pillow
    • Textured Blue Knit Afghan
    • Knitting and Crochet Abbreviations
    • Stag's Head Footstool Cover(cross-stitch)
    • Heart Whimsy(pieced pincushion)
    • Beaded Potpourri Jar Lid
    • Crochet Star Doily
    • Arrowhead Star Quilt(pieced)
    • Redwork Bird Pillow with Crochet Edging
    • Crochet-trimmed Flat Sheet
    • Crochet Pillow Shams
    • Pink Patchwork Knitted Afghan
    • Crochet Bag
    • Filet Crochet Grape Bedspread
    • Cookie Cutter Sachets
    • Square Crochet Table Centerpiece
    • Crewel Pansy Picture Mat
    • Filet Crochet Forget-Me-Not Shutter Panels
    • Needlepoint Tips, Techniques
    • Needle and Yarn Guide
    • Redwork Nursery Rhyme Pillows
    • Victorian Baby Afghan
    • Sailor Doll(cloth)
    • Cross-stitch Silhouette Sampler
    • Punch and Judy Puppets(cloth)
    • Working Filet Crochet Designs
  • Credits
  • Index

Title: Better Homes & Gardens: Victorian Style Needlecrafts
Editor: Nancy Reames
Format/Publication Date: HC:1992
Publisher: Better Homes & Gardens Books, Meredith Corp., Des Moines, IA
Page Count: 160
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: 0696019485

SUMMARY- There are a lot of lovely projects packed into this hardcover book, and a great many satisfy my "couldn't have just designed it myself" requirement. I'm a hater when it comes to "Quick & Easy". In my opinion that's code for "Generic and Boring". Not a problem with this one. It could have used more tatting patterns - but them I always wish for more tatting patterns. Some minor annoyances: the photos of the samples are not with the instructions(not even a token stamp-sized for reference), and the credits for the patterns are part of a page before the index(i.e., in the back) with vague page references rather than stating which patterns they designed.

The tatting patterns are competently done, though the edgings are pretty generic. The pincushion is really lovely though, and would stand out in a crowd of them. There are only the three tatting patterns. Written notation was used and no diagrams, but the instructions are broken down pretty well and are easy to follow. The photos are lovely, but not designed to let you use them in lieu of a diagram. I've put the tatting patterns in bold in the Table of Contents so that you can find them.

The doll patterns in the children's section are well executed and have enough detail to be interesting. You don't see Punch and Judy much any more, so they were a neat call back, and a potentially interesting way to teach kids about Victorian history. I was happy to have run across this book.