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  • Through the Centuries
  • Equipment for Tatting
  • Terms Used in Tatting
  • Method of Working Tatting
  • Edgings and Medallions for Beginners
  • Handkerchief Edgings and Corners
  • Edgings for Embroideries
  • Edgings and Medallions for Guest Towels
  • Borders for Place Mats and Tray Cloths
  • Various Shaped Doyleys
  • Mats for All Occasions
  • Linen, Satin and All-lace Dressing Table Sets
  • Sets of Table Mats
  • Two Hostess Sets
  • Tea Cosy Mounted on Satin
  • Cloths for Three Occasions

Title: Every Woman's Complete Guide To Tatting Illustrated
Author/Designer: Norma Benporath
Format/Publication Date: TPB:1952
Publisher: Colorgravure Publications, Australia
Page Count: 164
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 10" x 7 1/2"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- This book was meant as an introductory book for beginners. Patterns are written but a little different from standard. All photos are black-and-white, and often too small to see the detail necessary for the photo to be helpful in figuring out the pattern if there are questions. I had Barbara Foster's reprint of this book long before I got my hands on this original edition. Ms. Benporath published extensively in Australian women's magazines but only had two books that I know of. The reprint is a lot easier to get than the original editions, which are well over 60 years old as of this writing. Either one is well worth the hunt. There are good reasons why Norma Benporath is so widely respected in the tatting community. Anyone in Australia collect those old women's magazines, or have a bibliography of where she published in them? Please contact me. Even if it's just a partial list, talk to me. If we get enough lists together we may be able to piece together a decent bibliography of her published work.