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  • Abbreviations
  • Basic Ring Edging with Variation
  • Bunny Ears Edging
  • Cottontail Edging
  • Ring and Daisy Edging
  • Simple Braid Edging
  • Frilly Braid Edging
  • Eye Lash Braid Edging
  • Josephine Ring Edging
  • Dancing Clovers Edging
  • Grounded Clovers Edging
  • Four Square Edging
  • Elegant Edging
  • Trillium Edging
  • Garden Path Edging
  • Forget Me Not Edging
  • Estelle Edging
  • Grace Edging
  • Caterpillar Edging
  • Dainty Edging
  • Hazel Edging
  • Halcie Ellen Edging
  • Libby Edging
  • Tree Edging
  • Beaded Edging
  • Spring Beauty Edging
  • Special Instructions
  • With Shuttle and Thread(poem)

Title: Tatted One Shuttle Edgings
Author/Designer: Leslie Birden Bailey
Format/Publication Date: TPB:2014
Publisher: CreateSpace, Lexington, KY
Page Count: 27
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 10" x 7"
ISBN: 1502348462

SUMMARY- The designer notes there is a sad lack of single shuttle patterns for beginners to tackle. I think she's right - every beginner I've ever taught has come to meetings with only one shuttle. People new to tatting have no idea most patterns require two. This is a great book to hand to a new tatter. The patterns go from really basic to visually sophisticated and stays within the parameters she sets forth in her introduction. She uses symbolic notation, and while she doesn't include diagrams with her instructions, she does provide photos that are clear enough to count stitches. There are no chains, so space is created with bare threads and she uses this space well in edgings like "Garden Path". My favorite is "Caterpillar" - I could easily imagine doing butterfly appliques for a linen doily or handkerchief and adding the "Caterpillar" edge for a humorous and whimsical touch. I was quite pleased with this purchase, and look forward to seeing what else this designer may do.