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  • A Message From Annie and Special Acknowledgments
  • The Unsolved Mystery of Crochet
  • Needles, Hooks, Frames, Techniques: Where They Came From, How They Spread, Why Crochet Grew
  • Lace: A Rich Man's Symbol of Wealth and Status
  • Lace: Its Bizarre Role In the Growth of Europe
  • Lace: Starts Modern Industry and Becomes a Tradition
  • English Crochet Sets a Style For a Queen's Empire and Gives Birth to an Industry
  • Crochet Saves Ireland: A Nation Survives By Creating the World's Most Coveted Vestments and Garments
  • Irish Crochet: How It Became the Pride of a Nation Worldwide
  • Crochet Spreads Across America and Surges into the 21st Century!
  • Annie's Pictorial of Contemporary Crochet
  • Bibliography and Index

Title: A Living Mystery: the International Art & History of Crochet
Author/Designer: Annie Louise Potter
Format/Publication Date: HC:1990
Publisher: A.J. Publishing International, USA
Language: English
Page Count: 160
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 12" x 9"
ISBN: 1879409003

SUMMARY- I picked this book up when I was looking for more information on Mddle. Riego. I knew she was also considered the creator of Irish crochet, so I had an "Aha!" moment, and started looking for crochet histories. I also knew that Annie Louise Potter was the founder of Annie's Attic - a very successful publisher of needle art books and magazines. The information on Riego was about a paragraph and a half, with another brief mention in the Chapter on Irish Lace - so that particular line of inquiry was a bust. Nevertheless, this was a fun read, with lavish photography throughout. It was well researched and engaging to read. I highly recommend this book if you have a particular interest in the cultural past.