Cover Image Property of PUBLISHER
This image was scanned from my private collection
Cover Image Property of PUBLISHER
Anitra Stone sent a scan of the original hardcover from her private collection


  • Introduction
  • Abbreviations
  • Equipment for Tatting
  • Terms Used in Tatting
  • Method of Working:
    • Making the stitches
    • To make picots
    • To make rings
    • Picots made overa piece of card
    • To join the rings
    • The half ring
    • The mock ring
    • The chain
    • Tatting with two threads
    • Weaving in of threads
    • Josephine knot
    • Working an edging of rings directly on to a hem
    • Mountings and Finishings
  • (12)Handkerchiefs:
    • Shuttle only
    • Ball and shuttle
    • Josephine knot
  • (4)Edgings for Mats
  • Medallion inserted in a tray cloth
  • Trimmings for Children's Clothes
  • Cake Frill and Napkin Ring
  • Mats:
    • Luncheon Mats
    • Occasional Mats
    • Table Mats
  • (4)Collars
  • Lampshades:
    • Edgings
    • Trimmings
  • Edgings for Towels
  • Handbags:
    • Linen Bag with Medallions
    • Summer handbag
  • Covered Buttons
  • (4)Finger Plate for a Door
  • Drip Mats and Glass Mats
  • Lady's Choker
  • Framed Medallion
  • Recommended Books
  • Suppliers

Title: The Craft of Tatting
Author/Designer: Bessie M. Attenborough
Format/Publication Date: TPB:1986
HC: 1972
Publisher: TPB: Bell & Hyman Ltd., London;
HC: The Camelot Press Ltd., London
Page Count: 104
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 7 3/4" x 5"
ISBN: TPB: 0-7135-1704-2;
HC: 0-7135-17042;

SUMMARY- Very traditional patterns and average beginner instructions. I liked the covered buttons. Thanks to Anitra Stone for the scan of the original 1972 hardcover!