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Title: Tatting: a Fascinating Book of Delicate Lace Designs reprinted from Coats & Clark's classic Tatting, Book No. 207
Author/Designer: Anon
Format/Publication Date: TPB:Not given
Publisher: unknown
Page Count: 23
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 8 1/2" x 5 1/2"
ISBN: 9781447401575

SUMMARY- This sort of thing really steams my britches. I appreciate a reprint of a rare book I might never get a chance to see an original of - businesses like Iva Rose Publishing provide an important service to our community. I'd have been fine with this reproduction - if the publisher hadn't made an effort to file the serial numbers off before selling it. The publisher slapped a new cover on, cropped the original cover to remove the publisher's name(Coats & Clark), and stripped the copyright notice off the following page. They then reprinted all the patterns requesting you use Coats & Clark thread, and if you still weren't sure, left their famous shuttlebird logo in. I recognized the book immediately because I happen to have a copy. It pops up on e-bay fairly regularly. So maybe they did their research and maybe they didn't - I have no idea if the copyright on this particular book has lapsed or not. What I DO know? STRIPPING ANOTHER PUBLISHER'S COPYRIGHT NOTICE IS WRONG. The attempt to disguise the origin of the book tells me the publisher felt they were doing something hinky and chose to do it anyway. And it's a shame. They did a good job otherwise. The booklet is on good paper with a glossy cover and well produced. They loved the material - they just didn't respect it.