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...are in Cyrillic, but look fairly extensive

Title: Encyclopedia of Tatting
Author/Designer: Svetlana Anni
Format/Publication Date: HC:2007
Publisher: Moda I Rukodelie, Russia
Page Count: 80
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 10 3/4" x 8"
ISBN: 97885901726198

SUMMARY- I ran across this book on e-bay, offered by a seller in the Ukraine(half the mailer it came in was covered in beautiful stamps, so I carefully cut out the mailer cover and have it tucked into the book for some future owner to find!). It is completely in Cyrillic, but the patterns are well diagrammed. An experienced tatter could still use this book. Her illustrations are also well done, and her examples are all done in very bright cheerful threads. Her tatting style is pretty loose, with uneven rings and thread changeovers visible - and the thread she likes to use leaves very mushy picots that must be a challenge sometimes to join into. She also didn't block her work before photographing, so everything looks a bit lopsided and uneven where it probably isn't - and I still like her work. There is an unrelenting cheerfulness and energy about it that is strongly appealing. She gives a variety of motifs and edgings, usually using multiple colors to highlight the two-shuttle designs. She moves from motifs and edgings to stars, to a butterfly that looks like it may be done with double shuttles.

The second half of the book is dedicated to articles of clothing - lots of yokes, collar and cuff sets, vest motifs and elegant inserts and on to really colorful lightly beaded jewelry(beads don't hide the fact it's tatting) and ornamentation of household items, including a hat that is part crochet. She finishes with a landscape collage with tatted elements like a shepherd with his sheep, a horse, cow, clouds and fish in a stream.

Overall a fun book, and a colorful window on what other countries are doing with tatting.