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  • Basic Lesson(slip'n slide method)
  • 1. (4)Piccole bordure eseguite con una navetta(small borders made with a shuttle)
  • 2. (16)Bordure semplici(simple borders)
  • 3. (4)Bordure con varianti(borders with variations)
  • 4. (6)Bordure composte da motivi(borders composed of motifs)
  • 5. (5)Bordure preziose(precious borders)
  • 6. (15)Pizzi per mani di fata(Lace for fairy hands)
  • 7. (2)Piccoli facili centrini bordati di pizzi(small easy doilies covered with lace)
  • 8. (3)Sets da tavola per giorni di festa(table sets for festive days)
  • 9. (3)centrini di tulle(doilies of tulle)
  • 10. (5)centrini interamente realizzati a frivolité(doilies entirely made of tatting)

Title: TRICOT C656 Frivolités: Numero Speciale Fuori Abbonamento 1000(Tatting: Special Out-of-Subscription Number 1000)
Editors: Angela Diana, Vanda Coletta
Format/Publication Date: TPB:1977
Publisher: Alexandra, Roma, Italy
Language: Italian
Page Count: 51
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 10 1/4" x 7"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- This was a pattern book I almost passed by because it was offered in a large lot of other booklets I already had, and the price was a little steep for the only book I really wanted out of the lot. I'm so glad I didn't pass over it. It was the only foreign language book in the lot. This one is in Italian - makes sense since it was published by an Italian publishing house in Italy. I have one other book by this publishing house with the editor Vanda Coletta - "Creatives Häkeln." It's mostly crochet with a few token tatting patterns from 1999 - in German. There's got to be a story there, but I don't know what it is.

This book is 100% tatting. It has a very nice lesson for the slip'n slide method of shuttle tatting at the start, then follows with a really nice collection of gradually more elaborate patterns. The patterns are diagrammed - sorta. There are line drawings of each individual stitch and picot with a small black-and-white photo to display the general impact of the sample. The editors expect you to count up the stitches yourself, and give you a little arrow to show you where they expect you to begin. While the diagrams might make this more user friendly to the international community, the having to tally your own stitch counts might make for heavy slogging. The lovely patterns may make this worthwhile to many of you. The doily on the cover is not an atypical representation of the other doilies on offer here. If you run across a copy of this, I'd say snatch it up - just keep in mind, your mileage may vary.