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Title: Six Beaded Tatted Earring Patterns, Set 2
Author/Designer: Betty Alderson
Format/Publication Date: PKG:1994
Publisher: Snowgoose Lace, Wheat Ridge, CO
Page Count: 1
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 10 1/2" x 6"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- I bought this kit effectively sight unseen - the picture on the front of the samples is so small by the time the scan is shrunk for the computer screen that it is impossible to say whether they are attractive or not - they are. I was pleased to get them, as they were not terribly expensive, and I really love the wreath and neck purse kits. The earring kit, bought new very recently, does not have the beads and thread included. I have a vintage kit(the neck purse) that did have the supplies included, so I don't know if these originally came with beads and thread or not(maybe someone who bought them early on can drop me an e-mail and tell me?). The patterns are in standard symbol notation and broken down for easy reading. I would have liked a larger picture of the samples. All the SnowGoose catalog of patterns are by Betty Alderson, who passed away around 1999. Her copyright has not been orphaned, however, thanks to Sherry Cure and her husband, who bought Snowgoose Lace to continue its legacy.

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