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Spring 1999:Vol.#3:Issue# 1
Page Count: 114

    • Opening Words
    • Advertiser's List
    • Noah's Ark
    • Self Portraits:
      Denis Richard Shaw, Nelleke van der Berg Huygen, Sigrid Skomudek, Lana Rickabaugh, Anne Kane
    • Let's Talk Teddy Bears
      by Beverly Port
    • International Toy Fair, NYC
      by John Paul Port
    • Artist Profile: Barbara Conley
    • Linda's Teddy Bear, Doll and Antique Toy Show, San Diego, CA
    • Artist Profile: Mark Rodriques
    • Teddies Texas Style, Dallas, TX
    • Store Profile: Dolls and Bears of Charlton Court
    • Artist Profile: Linda Giesecke
    • Teddy Bear Spring Training, Mesa AZ
      by Susan Brodsky
    • Artist Profile: Bette Carter
    • Aurora "BEAR"ealis, Seattle, WA
      by Pat Moore
    • Artist Profile: Luckye Medford
    • The Bear Sleuth
      by John Paul Port
    • Twin's Teddy Bear Army Heading to Sotheby's
    • Bear Appreciation Price Guide
    • Theodore B. Bear Says
    • Kimbearlee's Kreative Musings
      by Kimberlee Port
    • Epicurean Teddy
    • Broken Things Can Be Fixed
      by Pat Johnson
    • John's Top Ten List
    • Cartoon
    • Harry's Heroes: "Gulliver" and Cindy Anshutz
    • Roosevelt Page
    • "Benson" Bear Pattern
      by Denis Shaw
    • What's a Bear to Do?
    • Calendar of Events

Magazine Title: Teddy Today
Editor(s): Denis R. Shaw and John Paul Port
Publication Frequency: Quarterly
Began Publication: Spring 1997
Ended Publication: Unknown
Published by: Denis R. Shaw and John Paul Port, La Honda, CA
Average Page Count: Unknown
Magazine Dimensions(ht. x w.): 8 1/2" x 5 1/2"
ISSN: Unknown

PUBLISHER, but are scanned from my private collection.

SUMMARY: This is a square bound black-and-white digest self-published by the editors and focuses on teddy bear collecting. While the photos may be black-and-white, they are printed on crisp paper(not newsprint) and are excellent quality. This is a well done publication, though it almost certainly suffers the same problems as Indy comics because of the lack of color. There are a lot of artist profiles and a token pattern in the back. If you're a die-hard arctophile, I believe it would be useful to you. I especially liked the article on repairing a very worn teddy.

They have a website: and back issues and subscriptions are still offered.

Anyone with more information about this publication, or has issues to donate or sell, can contact me through My Contact Page.

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