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January 1863:Vol. #21, Issue #1
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Magazine Title: Peterson's Magazine(1849-1892)
                 Jan. 1842 - Dec. 1842- Lady's World of Fashion
                 Jan. 1843 - June 1843- Lady's World
                 July 1843 - Dec. 1848- The Ladies' National Magazine
Editor(s): Mrs Ann S Stephens
Publication Frequency: Monthly
Began Publication: January 1842
Ended Publication: 1898
Published by: Charles Jacobs Peterson, George Rex Graham
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ISSN: None

PUBLISHER, but are scanned from my private collection.

SUMMARY: Peterson's Magazine went through several name changes, but for the majority of its life, it was Peterson's Magazine, so that's what stuck. It was started as a direct competitor of Godey's Lady's Book, which was considered excessively expensive at the time - an outrageous $3 for a year's subscription, and Charles Peterson and his partner George Graham charged only $2 for a year's subscription of Peterson's. They had experience in magazine publishing, having cut their teeth as partners producing the Saturday Evening Post. They even hired a female editor for this new venture, ala Godey's, but she never had the power or control that Sarah Hale had at Godey's. They were all black-and-white except for a gorgeous hand-tinted fashion foldout sheet that are avidly sought after by interior decorators to be used as framed decor, and by costumers seeking to study the fashions of that time period. Finding Peterson's still intact can be difficult. It was that hand-tinted fashion plate and better subscription rate that made them Godey's biggest competitor for this newly found market.

Frank Munsey, a media consolidator, bought Peterson's in 1898, and folded it into Argosy, the first ever pulp fiction magazine. Because of the disparate readership, I can only guess that Mr Munsey bought the magazine only for its subscription list, in hopes of broadening his readership. Since Argosy's target audience was pimply school boys, I have no idea how well that particular gambit worked out for him...

Hope Wright has provided a listing of all the tatting references in Peterson's Magazine that she has found to date. The amount of work compiling this list after hunting down the volumes to check is staggering. We owe her a huge thank you for this. Those volumes she hasn't been able to check yet are marked with "???", and those volumes that have been checked and have no tatting references are marked with "NO TATTING". I've tried to format the list in such a way as to make it the most readable. Forgive me if it doesn't exactly conform to notation standards. If you can add to this list, please get in touch!:

Vol. 1: Jan-June 1842, as Lady’s World of Fashion...: ???

Vol.2: July-Dec 1842, as Lady’s World of Fashion: ???

Vol.3: Jan-June 1843, as Lady’s World: ???

Vol.4: July-Dec 1843, as The Ladies' National Magazine...: ???

Vol.5-6: 1844. : NO TATTING

Vol.6: July-Dec 1844. : NO TATTING

Vol.7-8: Jan-Dec 1845. : NO TATTING

Vol.9-10: Jan-Dec 1846. : NO TATTING

Vol.11-12: 1847. : NO TATTING

Vol.13-14: Jan-Dec 1848. : NO TATTING

Here it becomes Peterson's Magazine(1849-1892):

Vol.15-16: 1849: ???

Vol.17: Jan-June 1850: ???

Vol.18: July-Dec 1850. : NO TATTING

Vol.19-24: 1851-1853: ???

Vol.25-26: 1854. : NO TATTING

Vol.27-28:, Jan-Dec 1855. :
           Jan 1855. Page 60, Necktie in Tapisserie D’Auuxerre (darning embroidery on net) with a tatted edging by Mrs Ann S Stephens

Vol.29-30: 1856. :
           Jan 1856. Page 86-87, Elementary Instructions;
                      Page 87-88, Lace for sleeves;
           Feb 1856. Page 172, insertion for cuffs, bands, etc combining tatted half rings, braid, and embroidered rosette;

Vol.31-32: 1857. :
           March 1857. Page 243, Edging by Mrs Pullan (missing from imaged book-reported);

Vol.33-34: 1858. :
           June 1858. Page 455, basic instruction, no patterns;

Vol.35-36: Jan-Dec 1859. :
           Jan 1859. Pages 81-82, edging by Mrs. Jane Weaver using pearl stitches (which can be omitted).

Vol.37-38: Jan-Dec 1860. :
           ??? 1860. Page 406, Tatting with Crocheted Edge

Vol.39-40: Jan-Dec 1861. :
           April 1861. Page 344, Clover-leaf;
                      Page 349, insertion;
           June 1861. Page 420, Collar in Irish tatting by Mrs Jane Weaver(joined with needle)
                      Page 499, edging;

Vol.41-42: 1862. : NO TATTING

Vol.43-44: 1863. : NO TATTING

Vol.45-46: 1864. : NO TATTING

Vol.47-48: 1865. : NO TATTING

Vol.49: Jan-June 1866. :
           Feb 1866. Pages 152-153, edging by Mrs. Jane Weaver using ball/shuttle chain, with crochet heading.

Vol.50: July-Dec 1866. : NO TATTING

Vol.51-52: 1867. :
           March 1867. Page 230, Emery cushion with tatting by Mrs Jane Weaver;
           July 1867. Page 73, Overall pattern for shoes, pockets, cushions etc, by Mrs Jane Weaver, combining tatted rings and braid;

Vol.53-54: 1868. ???

Vol.55-56: Jan-Dec 1869. :
           Jan 1869. Page 81, Insertion in tatting and crochet by Mrs Jane Weaver
           May1869, Page 164, 2 edgings in tatting and crochet by Mrs Jane Weaver
                      Page 165, Bag for tatting by Mrs Jane Weaver
           Aug 1869. Page 148, Linen bag by Mrs Jane Weaver

Vol.57-58: 1870. :
           ???, 1870. Page 230, Striped border of tatting and muslin by Mrs Jane Weaver
           ???, 1870. Page 316, edge in tatting and braid;
           ???, 1870. Page 396, Case for tatting by Mrs Jane Weaver

Vol.59-60: 1871. :
           ???, 1871. Page 82, Velvet Work Pock by Mrs Jane Weaver
           ???, 1871. Page 222, Parasol Cover in Tatting
                      Page 225, Pine motif by Mrs Jane Weaver
           ???, 1871. Page 297, Border in quilting-stitch, crochet, and tatting by Mrs Jane Weaver
           ???, 1871. Page 333&389, Pocket for Tatting by Mrs Jane Weaver

Vol.61-62: 1872: ???

Vol.63-64: 1873. :
           ???, 1873. Page 145 Tatting-Basket by Mrs Jane Weaver
           ???, 1873. Page 228, Border and Insertion by Mrs Jane Weaver

Vol.65-66: 1874. : NO TATTING

Vol.67-68: Jan-Dec 1875. :
           ???, 1875. Page 145, Cone Pattern

Vol.69-70: Jan-Dec 1876. :
           ???, 1876. Page 82, Work-basket trims by Mrs Jane Weaver

Vol.71-72: 1877. : NO TATTING

Vol.73-74: 1878. : NO TATTING

Vol.75-76: 1879. : NO TATTING

Vol.77-78: 1880. : NO TATTING

Vol.79-80: 1881. : NO TATTING

Vol.81-82: Jan-Dec 1882. : ???

Vol.83-84: Jan-Dec 1883. : NO TATTING

Vol.85-86: Jan-Dec 1884. : NO TATTING

Vol.87-88: 1885: ???

Vol.89-90: Jan-Dec 1886. : NO TATTING

Vol.91-92: 1887. :
           ???, 1887. Page 471, Rosette by Mrs. Jane Weaver

Vol.93: 1888. : NO TATTING

Vol.94: 1888. : NO TATTING

Vol.95-96: 1889. : NO TATTING

Vol.97-98: 1890. : NO TATTING

Vol.99-100: 1891. : NO TATTING

Vol.101-102:, 1892. ???
New Peterson Magazine 1892-1894. ???

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