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Issue No. 57, Winter 1990
Page Count: 48


    • PROJECT:
      A Simple Jabot
      by Edna Yeates
    • Personality Profile:
      Doreen Wright
    • Abu Dhabi Womens Union-
      the Tamil Lacemakers
    • Filet Lace
      by Kathleen Waller
    • I'm George, She's White
      by Elaine Armes
    • Filet Lace Motif
      by Karen Hatt
    • I Never Want To See Another Rat-
      Story behind the photo
      by Elizabeth Gilchrist
    • A Word of Warning:
      Photocopy distortions
    • Edging Patterns:
      Torchon, Bobbin Lace, Floral Bucks(Lynda Krupka)
    • Handkerchief Corner:
      Point de Gaze ground
      by Carol Williamson
    • Adult Collar
      by Ann Allison
    • Crochet Edging
      by Mary Konior
    • Glossary of Terms
      by Alexandra Stillwell
      by Joan Piercey
      by Uncle Len
    • Lace Guild Business
    • Young Lacemakers News
    • Lace Days
    • Courses & Workshops
    • Exhibitions & Events
    • Lace Group News
    • Book Reviews
    • Letters to Editor
    • Our Oldest Member-
      Mrs. S. Coppock
    • The Lace Guild Challenge No. 2-
      Bobbin Lace
    • Classified Ads

Magazine Title: Lace: The Newsletter of the Lace Guild
Editor(s): Veronica Sorenson
Publication Frequency: Quarterly
Began Publication: Fall, 1975?
Ended Publication: Ongoing!
Published by: The Lace Guild, Stourbridge, West Midlands, UK
Average Page Count:
Magazine Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISSN: 6308-3039

PUBLISHER, but are scanned from my private collection.

SUMMARY: I ran across a sample issue of this newsletter at a local lace teaching event. It's hard to judge a run of a title by just one issue. I've discovered that most professional lace organizations I've encountered give only grudging acknowledgment to the art of tatting - have never really gotten a satisfactory answer as to why. Tatting is lace! It's one of the few laces that can't be machine duplicated! It HAS to be done by hand!!! So please forgive my amusement with this issue. They had a Mary Konior pattern in this issue - for crochet! If you don't know who Mary Konior is, ask any tatter. Her tatting books are highly sought after, and very expensive because of their relative rarity. Yes, she published a few crochet pattern books as well - but she is best known for her beautiful tatting.

This issue may well be the exception that proves the rule, and there are regular tatting articles sprinkled in with all the rest, but this is the issue I have to judge by. Is there anyone better informed who'd like to weigh in? Please, contact me!

The Lace Guild has a website: .

Anyone with more information about this publication, or has issues to donate or sell, can contact me through My Contact Page.

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