Cover Image Property of The Firefly Group, Inc.
Fall 1992:Vol.#1:Issue#1

    • So-o-o Little Creations:
      Jane Wagner's Cloth Dolls
           by Susanna Oroyan
    • Dollmaker's Display Department:
      How to keep your dolls in their place
           by Betty Auth
    • Melissa (Pattern Pullout)
           by Dee Dee Triplett
    • Handmade Hugs(Pattern Pullout)
           by Betty Auth
    • Fairy Dust in the Secret Garden:
      McCurdy Historical Doll Museum
           by Miriam Gourly
    • Jesterdays: Story-book Characters of
      Christine Shively and Lou Lyda
           by Doree Pitkin
    • Memories
           by Bernice Rose
    • The Cloth Dollmaker (Poem)
           by Jeanette Amick & Sheila Ann Webb
    • Dolling Up-Creatively
           by Elizabeth Bishop
    • Re Sources & Resources
           by Mimi Winer
    • Arac & I
           by Barbara Evans
    • Books, Books, and more Books!
           by Jane Warnick
    • You Would Have Loved...:
      Dimensions in Dollmaking show

Magazine Title: Dollmakers Journal
Publication Frequency: Quarterly
Began Publication: Fall 1992
Ended Publication: Unknown - I ran across the first three issues.
Published by: The Firefly Group, Inc.
Average Page Count: 32, third issue had 40 pages
Magazine Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISSN: Unknown

PUBLISHER, but scanned from my private collection.

SUMMARY: This magazine showcases various dollmakers, gives show reports, and offers a few patterns in each issue. It's printed on very cheap newsprint, including the cover, so the color and detail is a bit blurry. All the resource information is dated now, but at the time was spot on. I enjoyed reading through the three issues I found, and I'll probably pick up others if I run across them. If you're looking for a collector's journal, this probably isn't going to cut it for you, but as a crafter, it was a good read.

Anyone with more information about this publication, or has issues to donate or sell, can contact me through My Contact Page.

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