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Dec/Jan. 1979:Vol. #7:Issue #1
Page Count: 45

    • Dolls of the Grand Duchess of Russia
           by Dorothy S. Coleman
    • Focusing On...Dolls At Auction
           by Howard & Jan Foulke
    • Realistic Baby Dolls
           by Magda Byfield
    • Thuringian Creche Figures
           by Dorothy S. Coleman
    • Patchogue Doll Fanciers Luncheon
           by Leona Peterson
    • Antique Rubber Dolls
           by Jennifer Montgomery
    • U.F.D.C. Convention in Denver
           by Leona Peterson
    • Christmas Dolls of the 1920's
           by John Axe
    • This is "Bubbles" by Effanbee, Part I
           by Patricia N. Schoonmaker
    • Photographic Essay: Lenci Dolls
           by Howard & Jan Foulke
    • In Time For Christmas 1900
           by Alma Wolfe
    • Compo Corner
           by Patricia N. Schoonmaker
    • Dionne Quint Baby Doll Pattern
           by Sandy Williams
    • Ask the Doll's Dressmaker
           by Dorothy Noell
    • Large or Small...Take Your Choice
           by Marta K. Krebs
    • Eunice The Mother of the Paper Doll Family
           by Pat Stall
    • From Elspeth's Inkpot
           by Elspeth
    • John Zweifel..."Our" Man In the White House
           by Joan Meshirer
    • Slide Programs- Delightful or Deadly
           by Susan B. Sirkis

Magazine Title: Doll Reader
Editor(s): Dec/Jan. 1973 - Oct/Nov. 1978: Paul A. Ruddell;
                Dec/Jan. 1979 - Oct/Nov. 1979???: Clare M. Blau;
                Dec/Jan. 1980??? - July 1994: Carolyn B. Cook;
                August 1994 - May 2000: Deborah Adam Thompson;
                Jun/July 2000 - Nov. 2002: Myrna Lippman Rubenstein;
                Dec. 2002 - Jan. 2006: Marianne Clay;
                March 2006 - Jan. 2010: Jill Jackson;
                Feb. 2010 - ???: Kathryn Peck;
Publication Frequency: Dec/Jan. 1973 - 1975: Quarterly;
                1976 - 1981: Bi-Monthly;
                1982: 7 issues/year;
                1983 - 1990: 8 issues/year;
                1991 - 2009: 9 issues/year;
                2010 - Ongoing: 8 issues/year;
Began Publication: Dec/Jan. 1973
Ended Publication: Ongoing!!!
Published by: Dec/Jan. 1973 - Jan. 1992: Hobby House Press, Riverdale(moved to Cumberland Feb. 1980), MD;
                Feb. 1992 - May 1998: (Cowles Enthusiast Media)Cumberland Publishing, Inc., Cumberland, MD;
                June 1998 - Oct. 2002: Primedia, Inc., Harrisburg, PA;
                Nov. 2002 - May 2004: Ashton International Media, Inc., Worcester, MA;
                June 2004 - ??? : Madavor Media, LLC, Worcester, MA;
Average Page Count:
Magazine Dimensions(ht. x w.): Dec./Jan. 1973 - Oct/Nov. 1978: black/white Newspaper(quarto);
                Dec./Jan. 1979 - Ongoing: color cover 11" x 8 1/2" magazine;
ISSN: 0744-0901

PUBLISHER, but are scanned from my private collection.

SUMMARY: I've been trying to put a full run of this magazine together for a couple of years now, and have whittled it down to needing 8 of the newspaper format issues from the 70's, and 10 more from 2008 up. It's one of the longest running doll magazine, and with good reason. It is more for collectors than for makers - but the first issue that didn't have some doll-related project in it was August 1994, and there were usually 2-4 up until then. From the mid90s on to the early 2000's, doll patterns and projects become rather scarce in this publication. Then editor Marianne Clay brought projects back, including the wonderful patterns of Marsha Olson.

Paper dolls are included as well, for these enthusiasts, and I've learned to have the seller check to make sure this hasn't been torn out of the issue they're selling before buying any back issue. Those are missing more often than the patterns! They lasted further into the 90s than patterns and projects did, but also became more and more scarce. You should also be aware that there are a great many more pages of ads than there are of articles, and this has been true for decades. The fact that they've been in continuous publication for decades argues that this doesn't annoy other people as much as it annoys me. You can't argue with success.

Because of the number of issues involved, I'm breaking them down into subpages by decade:

CLICK HERE for Doll Reader: 1973-1980

CLICK HERE for Doll Reader: 1981-1990

CLICK HERE for Doll Reader: 1991-2000

CLICK HERE for Doll Reader: 2001-2010

CLICK HERE for Doll Reader: 2011-2020

I thought about simply giving the text details and forgoing the cover scans(a lot less work for me!), but ultimately decided it was important enough to show the cover with the bib details to put in the 30 hours it took to scan, correct, crop and resize all the images. A few of my issues are so pounded it was impossible to make a good image, but I've done my best with all of them. At least Hobby House didn't use the same glue to mount their shipping labels that Tower Press used!

Please be patient as I begin filling in the bib details of all the issues. This is going to take a couple 100 hours, and then everything has to be proofread and corrected. But I'm very pleased to be adding this title to the bibliography list!

They have a website for subscriptions: .

Anyone with more information about this publication, or has issues to donate or sell, can contact me through My Contact Page.

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