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2006?:Issue #53
Page Count: 70


Magazine Title: DUPLET
Editor(s): Unknown
Publication Frequency: Monthly
Began Publication: 2001?, became available Internationally in 2007
Ended Publication: Ongoing!
Published by: Unknown, Ukraine
Average Page Count: 70
Magazine Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11 3/4" x 8"
ISSN: Unknown

PUBLISHER, but are scanned from my private collection.

SUMMARY: I don't have a lot of information on this magazine. I bought an issue off e-bay on a whim, and was dazzled by the snazzy fashion in several different disciplines that fill its pages. It touts itself as a crochet and knitting magazine - but in the issue I have, it also includes tatting, embroidery, rug hooking, macrame, tape lace, and netting. No doilies, just wearable art. They don't give complete patterns for the garments shown, just charts for the techniques used to create them, so you are going to have to be able to read international diagrams AND do the math if you're looking to recreate one of the modelled designs. There's so much eye candy, I'd buy them just for the creativity they inspire. Your mileage may, of course, vary. They're pricey as an import, but an awesome amount of fun!

I wasn't able to translate the table of contents yet. It will take several days for me to decode the Cyrillic, and I've got other projects that could profit more with the time I have. I wanted you to be aware that this unique magazine was out there - fashion tatting isn't as common as it oughtta be, and this appears to be a pretty unique source of inspiration.

DUPLET has a website:

Anyone with more information about this publication, or has issues to donate or sell, can contact me through My Contact Page.

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