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  • Coin Charm Pendant(Cheryl Nemanich)
  • Fan Pendant Necklace(Cheryl Nemanich)
  • Asian Tin Necklace(Babette Cox)
  • Stamped & Wired Beads(Cheryl Nemanich)
  • Iridescent Beauties(Cheryl Nemanich)
  • Face Beads(Cheryl Nemanich)
  • Draped & Skewered(Cheryl Nemanich)
  • Lovely Treasures(Cheryl Nemanich)
  • Beautiful Bookmarks(Kathy Martin)
  • Angelic Whimsy(Kathy Martin)
  • Across Land & Sea.. Postcards!(Kris Richards)
  • Foiled Elegance(Kris Richards)
  • Golden Fun Dolls(Kris Richards)
  • Decorative Tins(Babette Cox)
  • Ancient Imagery(Marie Segal)
  • Unusual Techniques(Lynn Krucke)
  • Artistic Covers(Kathy Martin)
  • Beads, Beads, and more Beads!(Kathy Martin
  • Renewing Your Spirit(Carol Heppner)
  • Natural Stone Look(Cheryl Nemanich)
  • Matched Sets(syndee holt)
  • About the Authors

Title: Stamping Polymer Clay & Wire
Author/Designer: Cheryl Nemanich, Babette Cox, Lynn Krucke, Carol Heppner, Syndee Holt, Kathy Martin, Kris Richards, Marie Segal
Format/Publication Date: TPB:2002
Publisher: Design Originals, Fort Worth, TX
Page Count: 35
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: 1574218174

SUMMARY- There are some interesting techniques and projects presented here - I felt it was well worth the money I spent picking it up.