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  • Introduction
  • Creating Metal Clay Rings
  • Ring-making Tools
  • Easy Projects:
    • River Stones
    • Wrapped Leaf
    • Simplicity
    • Forest Jewel
    • Autumn Leaves
    • Burst of Beads
  • Intermediate Projects:
    • Bejeweled
    • Moonrise
    • Water Images
    • Organic Splendor
    • Waves
    • Shadow Box
  • Challenging Projects:
    • Elegant Solitaire
    • Whimsical Framed Gem
    • Classic Bezel
    • Suspended Gem
    • Spinner
    • Sanctuary
  • Metal clay basics
  • About the author/acknowledgments

Title: Metal Clay Rings: Silver Jewelry Inspired by Nature
Author/Designer: Irina Miech
Format/Publication Date: TPB:2010
Publisher: Kalmbach Books, Waukasha, WI
Page Count: 96
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 9" x 8"
ISBN: 0871162786

SUMMARY- Projects are engaging and varied. They are laid out with well broken down instructions and lots of photos to help the crafter. Irina Miech writes top shelf craft books.