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  • Transfering Images
  • Timing
  • Removing Paper
  • Basic Transfer Tips for Images
  • Portrait Pins
  • Modern Maid Picasso Doll
  • Modern Maid Mona Lisa Doll
  • Triangle Ornament
  • Map Panel
  • Border and Pedestal
  • Pendants
  • Green Diamond
  • Ribbon Journals
  • Ancient Image Beads
  • Picasso Beads
  • Macaroni Beads
  • Banded Resin Beads
  • Half Cylinder Beads
  • Banded Bracelets
  • Transferred Panel Candleholder
  • Transfer Portrait Painting
  • Basic Mokume Stacks for Surface Designs
  • Mokume Transfer Bracelets
  • Banded and Capped Beads
  • Bead Earrings
  • Color Mixing
  • Color Necklace
  • Botanical Translucent Panels
  • Hanging Frame
  • Photo Box
  • About the Author
  • Suppliers

Title: Images On Clay II
Author/Designer: Barbara McGuire
Format/Publication Date: TPB:2002
Publisher: Design Originals, Fort Worth, TX
Page Count: 35
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: 1574214640

SUMMARY- I found this little book useful and inspiring. There are some great images you can photocopy for your own use out of the middle pages.