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  • Foreword by Nan Roche
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Artists in Alphabetical Order:
    Quotes from the Artists
    • What is Your Favorite Tool?
    • What is Your Studio Like?
    • Do You Experiment?
    • Three Tools
    • Is There a Dream Tool?
    • Hitting a Blank
    • How Do You Know a Work is Finished?
  • Definitions
  • Artists' Listing
  • Bibliography

Title: Artists at Work: Polymer Clay Comes of Age
Author/Designer: Pierrette Brown Ashcroft, Lindly Haunani
Format/Publication Date: TPB:1996
Publisher: Flower Valley Press, Rockville, MD
Page Count: 80
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: 1886388024

SUMMARY- This isn't a "How To" book, but an artist's showcase - and you get a ton of really talented artists with a couple of examples of their work shown as they answer questions. I've put the artists' names in alphabetical order below in case you are looking to see if an artist you enjoy is in this book. Please pardon the vertical scrolling, but I think lists are much easier to read vertical than horizontal:

Jamey D. Allen,
Kathleen Amt,
Pierrette Brown Ashcroft,
Laura Balombini,
Deborah Banyas and T.P. Speer,
Pat Berlin,
Melissa Brown Bidermann,
Martha Breen,
Shellie Brooks and Doug Quade,
Maureen Carlson,
Pat Corrigan,
Ann Curtis,
Claire Laties Davis,
Andrew Denman,
Francoise Durham-Moulin,
Kathleen Dustin,
David Edwards,
Jacqui Ertischek,
Michelle Fanner,
Steven Ford and David Forlano,
Michael and Ruth Anne Grove,
Lindly Haunani,
Tory Hughes,
Ramona Johnston,
Doris and James Keats,
Diane Keeler,
Doug Kennedy,
Robin Kimball,
Mike Kury,
Karyn Kozak,
Christie Leu,
E. Raye LeValley,
Jewel Lewis,
Liz Mitchell,
Barbara Morrison,
Laura Liska Oakes,
Linda Pederson,
Jan Regent,
Kelly Russell,
Milene and Rudi Sennett,
Ileen Shefferman,
Carol Shelton,
Sarah Nelson Shriver,
Mary Jane Sirett,
Wilcke Smith,
Jeanne Sturdevant,
Lynne Sward,
Sam Terry,
Cynthia Toops,
Pier Voulkos,
Barbara Wagley,
Carol Walker-Morin,
Ellen Watt,
Jane Woodside,
Laura White,
Elise Winters