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  • Basic Information, Tools, Techniques
  • Critters, Dinosaurs, Cats, Sea Life, Mouse Paper Dolls
  • Cars, Trucks, Wagons, Built Your Own Town
  • Earth, Weather, Science, Space
  • Sports, Puzzles, Junk Critters, Spills & Splats, Bugs, Weird Glasses, Body Parts, Funny Faces, Finger Puppets, Wizards & Wands
  • Miniature Food, Flowers, Barrettes, Jewelry to Match Your Clothes, Western Wear, Finger Hats
  • Fancy Jars, Pots, Baskets, Bowls, Picture Frames
  • Basic Beads, Turquoise Beads, Cinnamon Roll Beads, Lace Beads, Fancy Flower Millefiori Beads, Heart Rocks, Ghost Beads
  • Buttons, Pendants, Rings, Holiday Pins

Title: The Incredible Clay Book
Author/Designer: Sherri Haab, Laura Torres
Format/Publication Date: TPB:1994
Publisher: Klutz Press, Palo Alto, CA
Page Count: 82
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 7" x 9"
ISBN: 1-878257-73-0

SUMMARY- You get a ton of funny and charming "doodle" projects - just lots of fun and easy little figures, flowers, foods - you name it and this book has got it. Nothing realistic, mind you, so if you're looking for that rose that looks like the real thing this ain't the book, but I was happy to add this one to my collection.