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  • Before You Begin:
    • Sculpting tools and supplies
    • A Word on polymer clays
    • Beginning your sculpt
    • The color scheme
    • Picking the props, if any
  • The faux driftwood
  • How the book and lessons work
  • Skull Sculpting Supplies:
    • Checking your work
    • Curing the Skull
  • Safety Precautions
  • Sculpting Techniques:
    • Facial spacing
    • The nose
    • The eyes
    • The lips
  • Smoothing your clay
  • Sculpting the Fairy Doll:
    • Sculpting the torso
    • Sculpting the hands
    • Creating the arm and hand
    • Sculpting the feet
    • Creating the legs and feet
  • Putting the Doll Together:
    • Attachment Technique
  • Fairy Ears
  • Posing the doll- Forming the knees
  • Fairy Wings
  • Fairy Dresses
  • Attaching the fairy arms
  • Attaching the head
  • The final smooth down check list
  • Bracing and securing for curing
  • Painting the Face:
    • Painting the Eyes
  • Wig making
  • Hair Ornamentation
  • Doll Presentation

Title: Sculpting Fairies in Polymer Clay
Author/Designer: Regina Edmonds
Format/Publication Date: TPB:2004
Publisher: Self?(no publisher was listed)
Page Count: 69
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: 1591966892

SUMMARY- This book teaches the author's method of creating small fairy dolls. I found it informative and useful to a novice as I am.