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  • Preface: Our Most Versatile Art Medium
  • Introduction: The History of Polymer Clay
  • Materials: Clays, Tools, Supplies
  • GLASS Traditions:
    • Glass Lampwork
      Demonstration: Skinner Blend
      Demonstration: Two-Color Tessellation
      Demonstration: Encased Beads
      Demonstration: Chinese Eye Beads
    • Mosaics
    • Fused and Slumped Glass
    • Gallery: Glass Traditions in Polymer Clay
  • METAL Traditions:
    • Mokume Gane
      Demonstration: Hills and Valleys
      Demonstration: Texture Stamping
    • Enameling
      Demonstration: Enamel Pin
    • Annealing Metal Powder
    • Gallery: Metal Traditions in Polymer Clay
  • FIBER Traditions:
    • Ikat Fabric
    • Bargello
    • Kente Cloth
    • Mudcloth
      Demonstration: Black-and-white Mudcloth
      Demonstration: Mudcloth Beads
    • Batik
      Demonstration: Batik Jewelry
    • Quilting
      Demonstration: Stitched Clay Quilting
    • Gallery: Fiber Traditions in Polymer Clay
    • Georgia O'Keefe
      Demonstration: O'Keeffe Flowers
    • Gustav Klimt
    • M.C. Escher
      Demonstration: Escher Geometric
    • Georges Seurat
      Demonstration: Seurat Pointillism
    • Jackson Pollock
    • Gallery: Painting and Drawing Traditions in Polymer Clay
  • STONE, BONE, AND WOOD Traditions:
    • Chatoyant Stone Techniques
      Demonstration: Chatoyant Checkerboard and Jellyroll Canes
      Demonstration: Chatoyant Stamped Images
    • Bone Simulations
    • Wood Simulations
    • Intarsia:
      Demonstration: Parquetry Box and Pin
    • Gallery: Stone, Bone and Wood Traditions in Polymer Clay
    • Sculpture
      Demonstration: Triangle Horse
    • Ceramics
      Demonstration: Mishima and Decorative Layers
      Demonstration: Metallic Raku
      Demonstration: Crackle Raku
    • Printed Decoration
    • Gallery: Sculpture and Ceramics Traditions in Polymer Clay
  • Participating Artists
  • Resources
  • Index

Title: Polymer Clay Creative Traditions: Techniques and Projects Inspired by the Fine and Decorative Arts
Author/Designer: Judy Belcher
Format/Publication Date: TPB:2006
Publisher: Watson-Guptill Publications, NY
Page Count: 144
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 10 1/2" x 8"
ISBN: 0823040658

SUMMARY- This is primarily a showcase of a great many talented artists, with demonstrations of various techniques scattered throughout. It's gorgeous and inspiring.