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  • Candlemaking for the First Time
  • Section 1: Candlemaking Basics
  • Section 2: Candlemaking Techniques
  • Section 3: Projects beyond the basics
    • Multiple-wick Candle
    • Snowflake Candle
    • Layered Candle
    • Corrugated Candle
    • Star-filled Canlde
    • Embedded Rustic Candle
    • Double-molded Candle
    • Seashell Gel Candle
    • Blender Candle
    • Candle Tart
    • Floating Candle
    • Citronella Candle
    • Stacked Heart Candle
    • Whipped Candle
    • Decoupaged Candle
    • Pressed Flower Candle
    • Sponge-painted Candle
    • Painted Candle
    • Bamboo Candle
    • Jungle Candle
    • Cracked Candle
    • Embellished wicks
  • Section 4: Decorating with candles
  • Metric equivalency chart
  • Index

Title: Candlemaking for the First Time
Author: Vanessa-Ann
Format/Publication Date: TPB:2004
Publisher: Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., NY
Page Count: 112
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 10" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: 0-8069-7196-7

SUMMARY- This book covers a wide range of basic processes, and I did not read all of them. Those I did read, I found myself asking basic questions that were not answered(or not well). I got excited when I saw it offered instruction on how to make your own candle gel - but the instructions were less than helpful. I'm sure I can hunt down whatever resin CP9000 is - but there was no explanation in this book, nor where to find it, or any of the problems that might occur in the process. If you're going to write a book for beginners, you have to assume they know nothing, and give clear detail of every step. I found this book mildly disappointing in that department. But you get a lot of variety of projects to go with the basics section, and there are some great ideas to draw from if you already have a good idea of what you're doing.