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  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: A Brief History of the Art of Candle Making
  • Chapter 2: Getting Started
    • Basic materials for candle making
    • Hints and tips for easier candle making
    • Hints and tips for making the most of your candles
  • Chapter 3: Basic Candle Making
    • Basic candle making taken one step further
    • Floating candles
    • Pour-in, pour-out and striped candles
    • Chunk and swirl candles
  • Chapter 4: Novelty Candles
    • Ice, sand and water
    • Whipped wax candles
    • Using rubber moulds
    • Using alternative moulds
    • Adding surface texture and designs
  • Chapter 5: More Advanced Techniques
    • Dipping and carving candles
    • Dipping and curling your own candles
    • Rolling candles, beeswax and your own poured wax sheets
  • Chapter 6: Gallery of Ideas- Making and Displaying
  • Chapter 7: Non-Themed Candles
  • Suppliers
  • Bibliography and Further Reading
  • Index

Title: The Art of Crafts: Candle Making
Author: Lynne Garner
Format/Publication Date: HC:2001
Publisher: The Crowood Press, Ltd., Wiltshire, UK
Page Count: 112
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 10" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: 1-86126-401-1

SUMMARY- This is one of those books I warned does not tell you need a 1" candle for the center of an ice candle - they just fill the mold with ice. This will lead to your wick burning its way through the candle very rapidly or not burning at all once it burns down about an inch. I noted other slips, but this is the most aggregious. The photography is wonderful, and there are some interesting techniques I've never tried, but this book is definitely not one I'd hand to a beginner because of the danger of poor (and discouraging) results.