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    • A. Interior Decorated Novelty Candles
      • Methods Employed for Crating "Interior Decorated Candles."
      • Spangles Chunk Candle
      • Color Swirl Candle
      • Shadow Box Candle
      • Display Hole Candle
      • Interior Flower Decorated Candle
      • Tipped Mold Candle
      • Kaleidoscope Candle
      • "Wax the Smoking Habit" Candle
      • Marbelized Swirl Candle
      • Multi-Colored Foil Twist Candle
      • Rock Hound's Candle
    • B. Exterior Decorated Novelty Candles
      • Water Droplet Candle
      • Ways to Apply Midas Candle Trim
      • Striped Whip Wax Candle
      • Perpetual Candle
      • Bottle Cap Border Candle
      • Red Drip Candle
      • Bridge Candle
      • Embossed Odds and Ends Candle
      • Flower and Leaf Candle
      • Smashed On Beas Wax Candle
      • Hobnail Candle
      • Tissue Glaze Candle
      • "Beeswax matching Applique"
      • "Honeycomb Beeswax Striped Candle"
      • "Lacy Fern" Candle
      • "Snapshot memories" Candle
      • "Organic Collectors" Candle
    • C. Novelty Shaped Candles
      • "Ladies Hat" Candle
      • Foil Impression Candle
      • Cheese Candle
      • Lacy Snow Candle
      • Icicle Candle
      • Snow Mold Candle
      • Liquid Rubber Molds
      • Sand Candle
      • Mold Clay Candle
      • Free Form Candle
      • Jello Ring Candle
      • Sunshine Candle
      • Jello Mold Candle
      • "Smily" the Clown
      • Mr. Happy Face
      • Candle Sling Candle
      • The "Shis Ke Cookie" Candle
      • Artistry in Wax (water candle)
      • "Arnold" the Pig
      • "The Teardrop Mold Candles"
      • Cupcake Candle
      • Cedar Bark Candle
      • Layered Cutaway Candle
      • Bird House Candle
    • D. Novelty Glass Container Candles
      • Duo-Wall container Candle
      • Nativity Scene in Glass
      • New years Novelty Candle
      • Ice Cream Soda Candle
      • The Brandy Snifter
      • Fantasy in Glass Candle
      • Decorated Brandy Snifter Candle
      • Dancing Lights Candle
    • E. Novelty Candles Created with Novel Tools
      • Ball Peen Hammer Candles:
        Hammered Candle
        Moon Candle
        Praying Hands Candle
        Dice Candle
      • Embossing Tool Candles:
        Tooled Leather Candle
        Rough Surface Candle
        Circular Pattern Candle
        Cone Pattern Candle
        Herring Bone Pattern Candle
        Modern Bamboo Candle
        The Contemporary Owl Candle
      • Electric Pen Set Candles:
        Floral Candle
        Knot or Boy Scout Candle
        Electric Pen Ideas
        Tree owls Candle
      • Wax Melter Palette Candles:
        Four Ways to use the Wax Melter
        Embossed Candle
        Random Drip Candle
      • Linoleum Carver Candles:
        Grecian Candle
        Chimney Candle
        Multiple Ring Candle
        Corrugated Candle
        Fern Candle
        Tiki Candle
        Polynesian Candle
        Wishing Well Candle
        Owl Candle
        Carved Flower Candle
        Wedding Candle
        Mushroom Candle
        Holly Candle
        The "Party" Candle(political)
        The Fisherman's Prize
        Carved Seahorse Candle
        Hoot Owl
        "Cat Candle"
    • A. Christmas Candles
      • Chimney Candle
      • Christmas Rose Candle
      • Nativity Scene In Glass
      • Diplay Hole Candle
      • Shadow Box Candle
      • Bell Candle
      • Nativity Scene Candle
      • Hand Painted Candle
      • Christmas Candle
      • "Spanish Swirl"
      • Christmas Card Candle
      • Poinsettia Snowball Candle
      • Christmas Candelabra
      • Fiesta Dippy Holly Candle
      • Christmas Rose Candle
      • Stained Glass Window
      • Imbedded Stain Glass Window
      • Mosaic Glass Window Candle
      • Christmas Foil Candle Candle
      • Whip Wax Holiday Centerpiece
      • Holly Candle
      • Christmas Wish Candle
    • B. Valentine Candles
      • Valentine Novelty Candle
      • Beeswax Heart Candle
      • Napkin Valentine Candle
      • Peppermint Valentine Candle
      • Two Hearts Aflame Candle
      • Three-In-One Heart Candle
    • C. St. Patricks Day Candles
      • Beeswax Shamrock Candle
      • Shamrock Candle
      • St. Patricks Day Candle
    • D. Miscellaneous Winter Candles
      • Washington's Birthday Candle
      • New Year's Candle
      • Pine Cone Candle
      • Lacy Snow Candle
      • Icicle Candle
      • Snow Mold Candle
      • Snowman Candle
      • Jewel Snowball Candle
      • Crackle Candle
      • Frosted Candle
      • Snowflake Candle
      • Confetti Candle
      • Winter Wonderland Candle
    • A. Easter Candles
      • Easter Basket Candle
      • Rugged Cross Candle
      • Easter Lily Candle
      • Textured Easter Candle
      • Easter Egg Basket Candle
      • The Praying Hands Candle
      • The Truly Easter Candle
      • Floral Decorated Egg Candle
      • Variegated Easter Egg Candle
    • B. Mother's Day Candles
      • Mother's Day Decal Candle
      • Mother's Day Picture Candle
      • Mother's Day Candle
    • C. Miscellaneous Spring Candles
      • May Day Candle
      • April Shower Candle #1
      • April Shower Candle #2
      • Three-D Flower Candle
      • Floral Bouquet Candle
    • A. Fourth of July Candles
      • Duo Wall Container Candles
      • Patriotic Candle
    • B. Miscellaneous Summer Candles
      • Father's Day Candle
      • Rice Paper Candle
      • Memorial Day Candle
      • Modern Bamboo Candle
      • Ice Cube Sand Candle
      • Surfside Candle
      • Sand Candle
      • "Candle-lope"
      • Flower Pot Holders
      • Ice Cream Soda Candle
      • Shell Sand Candle
      • Thought Provoking Sand Candle
    • A. Halloween Candles
      • Witch Face Candle
      • Flying Witch Candle
      • Witch Candle
      • Pumpkin Candle
      • Black Magic Candle
      • "Pump" and "Kin"
      • Mr. Pumpkin Platter
      • Decorated Stained Glass Container
      • Witch's Moonglow Candle
      • Bow Tie Jack(O'Lantern)
    • B. Miscellaneous Fall Candles
      • Goal Post Candle
      • Tutti Fruiti Candle
      • Foil Chunk Candle
      • Autumn Leaf Candle
      • Wax Painted Fall Candle
      • Thanksgiving Candle
      • "Thanksgiving Symbols" Candle
      • Falling Leaves Candle
      • Autumn Glow Candle
    • A. Graduation
      • Graduation Candle
      • Graduate Candle
    • B. Birthday Candles
      • Zodiac Candle
      • Personalized Commemorative Candle
    • C. Wedding and Anniversary Candles
      • Silver Anniversary Candles
      • Bridal Cascade Candle
      • Wedding or Anniversary Candle
      • Church Wedding Candle
      • Personalized Wedding Candle
      • Baby Breath Bouquet Candle
    • D. Miscellaneous Commemorative Candles
      • Baby Congratulations Candle
      • Personalized Candle
      • Methods Employed for Creating "Inerior Decorated Candle"
    • A. Suggested Safety Precautions
    • B. Fireplace Display
    • C. Fire Starters
    • D. Removing Wax From Tablecloth
    • E. miscellaneous Other Hintans and Suggstions throughout all issues

Magazine Title: "The Candle Cauldron: The Candle Makers Monthly Periodical"
Publication Frequency: Monthly
Began Publication: October 1966
Ended Publication: January 1974
Published by: Pourette Mfg. Co., Seattle, WA
Average Page Count: 2
Magazine Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISSN: None

PUBLISHER, but are scanned from my private collection.

SUMMARY- This was a monthly newsletter that Pourette sent out for a little over seven years, then collected into a notebook and offered for sale to the people they sold their supplies to. Of course I picked up a copy! Because it is a newsletter, and because they included a handy index to the issues, I'm forgoing my usual format for magazines and periodicals, and simply giving you the index of the issues below the scan of the collection cover. This was mostly an organ for advertising their newest novelty molds, but there are useful techniques and suggestions that can be adapted to other materials throughout.