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  • Introduction
  • Candlemaking techniques
  • How a candle works
  • Candlemaking equipment
  • Candlemaking materials
  • The dipping process
  • Making wax tapers
  • Making branch candles by the dipping process
  • The pouring process
  • Making branch candles by the 'pouring' process
  • Rolling a candle-
    Casting a sheet of wax
  • The casting process
  • Candle moulds
  • Making a candle in a wine glass
  • Making a candle in a cup
  • Making a striped candle in a tin
  • Making a mosaic candle in a glass tumbler
  • Making a two-tone multiwick candle in a tin
  • Making a candle with slanting stripes in a bottle
  • Making a spherical candle in a plaster mould
  • Making a conical candle in a cardboard mould
  • Making a candle in a metal jelly mould
  • Making figurine candles
  • Decorative effects
  • International suppliers of candlemaking materials

Title: Introducing Candlemaking
Author: Paul Collins
Format/Publication Date: HC:1972
Publisher: BT Batsford Ltd., London
Page Count: 96
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 8 1/4" x 8 1/4"
ISBN: 0713424338

SUMMARY- You get succinct explanations of how a candle functions and the various basic methods for creating them. There are a few color plates scattered throughout showing examples of the author's work. It covers the basics pretty well, and goes over a few of the more advanced techniques - there aren't any illustrations to go with the text other than the color plates of the finished candles.