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  • 1. The Doll's Shape
    • Proportions of the Human Figure
    • Proportions of the Head
    • Aging Face
    • Proportions of the Hands and Feet
    • Facial Expressions
    • Body Expressions
  • 2. Pattern Designs for the Stuffed Doll
    • Construction Basics
    • Patterns Classified
    • Methods for Modifying Patterns
    • Full-Size Patterns
    • Color illustrations follow pate 32
  • 3. Sculpting
    • Sculptured Doll
    • Mechanical Design
    • Sculpture Process
    • One-of-a-kind Hard Sculptures
    • One-of-a-kind Soft Sculptures
    • Intermediate Materials- Making Models for Moulds
    • Existing Dolls Used as Models for Moulds
    • Waste Moulds
    • Wire-Armature Bodies
    • Alternative Methods for Making Hands
  • 4. Moulds
    • Press Moulds/Mask Moulds
    • Making Plaster Drain Moulds
  • 5. Ceramics and Wax
    • Using a Plaster Drain Mould
    • Casting Ceramic Materials, Especially Porcelain
    • Casting Composition
    • Wax Works
  • 6. Painting
    • Media
    • Painting the Face
    • China Painting
    • Setting Glass Eyes
  • Wigs
    • Materials
    • Initial Treatment of the Hair
    • Wig Stands
    • Basic Wig Construction
  • Clothes
    • Two Kinds of Costuming
    • Sewing Methods Unique to Doll Clothes
    • Pattern Adjustment
    • Bias
    • Hand and Embroidery Stitches
    • Needles and Thread
    • Stay Stitching/Easing
    • Seam Allowances
    • Notching Seam Allowances
    • Matching Seams/Hems
    • Applying Elastic
    • Lining
    • Assembling the Doll Garment
    • "Sewing" a Sweater
    • Pressing
    • Trimmings
    • Even Pleats without Measuring
    • Simulated Detail
    • Short-cut Costuming
  • Patterns for Clothes
    • Basic Pattern Shapes
    • Drafting the Pattern Pieces
    • Catalogue of Pattern Shapes
  • Shoes
    • Varieties of Shoes
    • Shoe Materials
    • Tools and Other Supplies
    • Basic Procedure for Shoe Construction
    • Plastic Shoes
    • Sewn and Turned Sole
    • Using Felt
    • Patterns for Basic Types of Shoes
    • Drafting Shoe Patterns for customized Shoes
    • High-Heel Shoe with a Shaped Sole
  • Hats
    • Types of Hat Construction
    • Materials and Tools
    • Sewing Techniques for the Doll Milliner
    • Using Wire
    • Pressing
    • Circling
    • Making a Supported Hat
    • Making an Unsupported Hat
    • Patterns
  • Other Dolls
    • Jointed Clothespin Dolls
    • Block Dolls
    • Sock Dolls
    • Adaptation of the Oval Body

Title: The Complete Dollmaker
Author: Alice D. Weiner
Publication Date: TPB:1985
Publisher: Sterling Publishing Co. Inc., NY
Page Count: 192
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/4"
ISBN: 0806962240

PATTERN RATING:Star Rating You get an interesting variety of doll patterns, all gridded to help enlargement, of varying ages and genders for making cloth dolls. The shoe patterns are also gridded for the most part, and the hat patterns are given in many sizes. None of the patterns are as well marked as I'd like, though the doll patterns at least have seam allowances, darts and dots. The clothing patterns are more suggestions than patterns, with a nice illustration of what it will look like if you can magically fill in the steps between.

INSTRUCTION RATING:Star Rating Instructions are provided not only for cloth dolls, but for many other materials as well, with some illustration to go with them. I would have preferred more illustration than I got, but that would necessarily have doubled the size of the book, which is already a whopping 190 pages. The weakest section is the clothing section.

BONUS MECHANICS RATING:Star Rating I don't give out many bonus stars - not many books are out there that actually teach designing your own patterns. But this book goes into great detail on proportions and design.

SUMMARY- I spent a lot of time wishing for more photos and illustrations as I read this book, but it was still well worth picking up to add to my shelves. She gives some great detail for creating your own dolls, and the chapters on shoes and hats was more comprehensive than most books I've found on the subject that aren't devoted exclusively. I recommend this book.