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  • Introduction
  • Body For China Doll
  • Pattern For a Rag Doll
    • Chemise
    • Open Pantalets
    • Corset
    • Under Petticoat
    • Stockings
    • Hoops
    • Petticoat
    • Nightgown
    • Wrapper
    • Nightcap
    • Skirt Suspenders
  • SHOES:
    • Boots
    • Embroidered Slippers
    • Dress Shoe
  • Skirt Pattern
    • Morning Dress
    • Robe Dress
    • Home Dress
    • Afternoon Dress
    • Visiting Dress
    • Traveling Dress
    • Dinner Dress
    • Evening Dress
    • Ballgown
    • Wedding Dress
    • Large Bonnet
    • Bonnet A
    • Bonnet B
    • Small Bonnet
    • Bonnet C
    • Bonnet D
    • Snood
    • Wedding Veil
    • Evening Head Dress A
    • Evening Head Dress B
    • Toque
  • WRAPS:
    • Capuchon
    • Summer Mantle
    • Burnouse
    • Mantelet
    • Fichu
    • Waistband Bag
    • Bead Jewelry
    • False Undersleeves
    • Blouse
    • Canezou
    • Bouquet Holder
    • Belt
    • Cravat
  • The Patterns

Title: The Wish Booklet: Fashions 1861-1865, Vol. I
Author: Susan Bonsall Sirkis
Publication Date: Booklet:1965
Publisher: The Wish Booklets, Williamsburg, VA
Page Count: 38
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: 0-913786-01-2

PATTERN RATING:Star Rating You get a cloth doll pattern of the appropriate size to fit the costumes with seam allowances marked. You get a huge variety of patterns all appropriate for the time period. All the pattern pieces are full-sized, marked with seam allowances and have other markings to aid the seamstress(though no grainline marking).

INSTRUCTION RATING:Star Rating these aren't basic books for beginners - she expects you to know the terms she using and to have experience putting garments together, so instructions are fairly brief. She provides lovely illustrations of finished garments but not a lot of illustration for getting there.

SUMMARY- Patterns fit Dolls 11-13 Inches Tall. If you haven't run across Susan Sirkis' work before, you've really missed out. They're called "Wish Books" because everyone who reads them wishes they were longer! She does meticulous research. You should be able to see from the Table of Contents that she covers a lot of fashion for a 5-year period!

You can still get Susan's books directly at at $7.95 postage paid - far cheaper than what e-bay sellers are asking for them(usually about double - and you pay for postage on top of that!). They are well worth the investment if you like dressing your dollies in vintage styles!