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  • Introduction
  • Part I. Getting Started with Baby Dolls
  • Part II. Cloth Bodied Baby Dolls
    • A. Flange Neck Baby Dolls:
      1. Kiddiejoy
      2. Tynie Babe
      3. Baby Bo-Kaye
      4. New Born Babe
      5. Averill's Babies
      6. Baby Gloria
      7. Grace Story Putnam's Bye-Los:
      a. Rare Bye-Lo
      b. Crying Bye-Lo
      c. Fly-Lo
    • B. Shoulder Head Baby Dolls:
      Baby Stuart
  • Part III. General Instructions
    • A. Equipment, Tools, Supplies
      B. Pouring the Molds
      C. Cutting Greenware for Eyes
      D. Beginner Looks at China Paint
      E. Setting Sleep Eyes
      F. Making Eye Rockers
      G. Cloth Bodies and Patterns

Title: The Dollmaker's Workbook, Vol. 1: Baby Dolls
Author: Mildred Seeley
Publication Date: Booklet:1978
Publisher: Seeley's Ceramic Service, Oneonta, NY
Page Count: 68
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- This is for constructing porcelain headed baby dolls using molds Ms. Seeley manufactured. She gives a lot of lovely full-page color photos of the various types, and the instructions she provides are squeezed in the back starting around page 40. She provides some great photos among the instructions as well. I did not attempt to rate the baby pattern in the back as it is for reproduction dolls, which I know nothing about! I do know that Ms. Seeley was considered a leading expert in her field and much called upon for advice and instruction.