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  • Introduction
  • PART I
    • The Seeley Educational Doll Judging System and How it Works
      • Getting the Judging Message Known
      • Collectible and Antique Doll Exhibits
      • Reproduction Doll Exhibits
    • Why Not Two Blue Ribbon Winners?
      • The Purpose of This Judging System for Antique and Collectible Dolls
      • The Purpose of This Judging System for Reproduction and Artists Dolls
    • Judges Training
      • Suggested Requirements for Judges
      • Preparing to be a Judge
      • Pay for Judges
      • Judges Workload
      • Judges Follow-up
    • Actual Judging
      • The Point System
      • Reproduction Dolls
      • What to Expect from the Reproduction Doll
      • Bonus Points
      • Judging Costumes on Artists and Reproduction Dolls
      • Suggestions for Reproduction Doll Judges
      • Judging the First Reproduction Doll
      • Individual Exhibit Cards
      • Marking Competition Dolls
      • Dolls Not Made as Reproductions
      • Judges Meet the Exhibitors
      • Antique and Collectible Dolls
      • What to Expect from the Antique Doll
      • Preserving Doll Costumes
      • Suggestions for Antique Doll Judges
      • Judging Your First Antique Doll
      • Modern Dolls
      • Modern Artist Doll Judges
      • Judging Your First Artist Doll
      • Costumes
      • Seamstress Competition for Dressing A Reproduction Doll
      • Judging Antique Doll Costumes
      • Judging the Costume of a Reproduction Doll for the First Time
      • First Time Judging a Costume on an Antique Doll
    • The Mechanics of Competition
      • Judging for Trophies
      • Exhibit Committee and Judges Cooperate
      • Fees for Competition Dolls
      • Rules for Entry on Competition
      • Doll Exhibitor's Information
      • Insuring Dolls in Competition
      • Standardizing Award Ribbons
      • Care and Feeding of Judges
      • Setting Up Categories for Competition
      • Category Examples
      • Setting up Classes for Competition
      • Competition Extras
      • Exhibit Classes for Seamstress
    • Special Awards and Publicity for the Winners
      • Awards for Teachers
      • Publicity for the Winners
      • More Glory for the Competition Winners
      • Educational Tours and Doll Shows
      • Fun With Judging
  • PART 2
    • Everyday Judging
      • Judging Dolls for Your Own Collection-
        Know What You Are Buying
      • Consider the Size of Dolls
      • The Shape
      • Your Skills
      • Investment Dolls
      • The Doll's Appeal
      • Judging Family Dolls
    • Judging Dolls for Yourself and Others
      • Judging Unmarked and Unknown Dolls
      • Is It French or German?
      • Is It Antique or Reproduction?
      • The Story Behind the Doll- Is It Important?
      • Judging Dolls to Reproduce
      • Judging Dolls for a Museum
      • Experimenting with Reproductions
    • Appraising Dolls
      • Income for the Appraiser
      • Insurance Appraisal
      • Appraising Reproduction and Limited Edition Dolls
      • The Appraisal
    • Choosing an Antique or Collectible Doll to Exhibit
    • Buying Dolls at Auction
    • Resources
      • Magazines that List Doll Shows and Conventions
      • Auction Houses that Hold Doll Auctions Around the Country
      • Reference Books
      • Doll Organizations Devoted to Dollmaking and Doll Collecting
    • Conclusion
    • About the Author
    • Judging Examples
    • Judging Exercises
    • Judging Sheets and Forms

Title: Judging Dolls
Author: Mildred Seeley
Publication Date: TPB:1991
Publisher: Scott Publications, Livonia, MI
Page Count: 168
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/4"
ISBN: 0916809447

SUMMARY- A very useful book to own to see what judges look for in Antique, Reproduction and modern bisque dolls, and for helping a collector evaluate potential additons to their collection. This book doesn't go into art dolls or soft toys, but was an interesting read nonetheless. I like Ms. Seeley's approach to judging - which maintains there could easily be more than one blue-ribbon quality doll in a given judging category, and it is wrong not to award appropriately because of too-restrictive award systems. This isn't trying to say "everybody's a winner", but pointing out there may well be more than one worthy of winning, and it shouldn't be up to a coin toss. I can get behind that.