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    • Chapter One: Trapunto
      • Cord Quilting
      • Stuffed Quilting
      • Layered Trapunto
      • Negative Spaces
    • Chapter Two: Stuffed Applique
      • Basic Applique
      • Continuous Applique
      • Stuffed Applique
    • Chapter Three: New Techniques
      • Stuffed Pleats
      • Stuffed Circles
      • Stuffed Smocking
      • One-piece Smocked Forms
      • Stuffed Tubing
      • Stuffed Patchwork
    • Chapter Four: Flat Forms
      • Stuffing
      • Knife-Edge Pillows
      • Drawn Forms
      • Patternmaking
      • Muslin Tryouts
      • Pattern Adjustments
      • Pattern Marks and Labels
      • Decoration
    • Chapter Five: Geometric Forms
      • Three-Dimensional Pillows
      • Geometric Forms
      • Balls
      • Pattern Draping
    • Chapter Six: Bodies
      • Seams
      • Doll Bodies
      • Doll Heads
      • Animals
    • Chapter Seven: Building and Molding
      • Building Demonstration
      • Molding Demonstration
    • Chapter Eight: Construction

Title: The Complete Book of Stuffedwork
Author: Toni Scott
Publication Date: HC:1978
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, MASS
Page Count: 223
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11 1/4" x 8 3/4"
ISBN: 0395257751

PATTERN RATING:Star Rating. I teetered between a 3 star and 4 star rating on this book. The patterns given are for gussetted dolls and animals, and the shapes are made up in muslin or chamois so that you can see the construction techniques. The patterns themselves have minimal markings, though, and you have to add your own seam allowances, as well as enlarge them considerably. There is a great deal of character in Toni Scott's work, and it shows in the black and white photos that are spread throughout the book.

INSTRUCTION RATING:Star Rating. Instructions aren't with the patterns - most are in the back of the book. However, there is plenty of illustration, and the instructions are broken down into easy to follow steps.

MECHANICS RATING:Star Rating. This is one of those books I pounce on with glee because it gives such a wide variety of techniques for designing your own patterns, and a plethora of examples of other artist's work for inspiration.

SUMMARY- This is a book I highly recommend, and has joined my top shelf with Colette Wolff, Carolyn Vosburg Hall, Rudi de Sarigny, and Margaret Hutchings.