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  • Step-by-step face drawing
  • Proportions
  • Understanding the features
  • Wrinkles
  • Muscle Groups
  • Creating Expressions
  • Drawing on darker fabrics
  • Drawing men
  • Drawing children
  • Cartoons and characters
  • Painting on silk
  • Sculpting the cloth face
  • Tabatha doll directions
  • Inspiration
  • Knits
  • Knit velour
  • Along the way
  • Gallery of dolls
  • Face drawings to trace
  • Tabatha pattern templates
  • Dollmaker's information

Title: How to Draw & Sculpt Cloth Doll Faces
Author: Virginia Roberston
Publication Date: TPB:
Publisher: Osage County Quilt Factory, Dolores, CO.
Page Count:
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.):

SUMMARY- I don't own this booklet as yet, so I can't review it. I went looking for more of Ms. Robertson's books and saw this one up for auction - in Australia... for $100 in US currency(which means someone in Australia would have had to pay about $150 at the time of this writing). I coughed and moved on, but not before swiping the photo of the table of contents and the cover they put up. So now I'm a thief. Hopefully, I'll find a little cheaper copy soon to make myself honest again. Until then, I'm putting this up so people can at least see the cover and table of contents. It's worth a look.