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  • Wing Shapes, Chapter 1
  • Supply List, Chapter 2
  • General techniques
  • Stiffening Wings, Chapter 3
  • Using sheer fabrics
  • Paper backed fusing web
  • Pressing sheet & fusing web
  • Heavy fusing web
  • Using wire, Chapter 4
  • Using wire & quilting
  • Zig-Zag over wire
  • using interfacing, Chapter 5
  • Shadow Applique
  • Sew in interfacing
  • Fabric stiffeners, Chapter 6
  • Stuffed wings, Chapter 7
  • Trapuntoed wing
  • Scribble quilted wing
  • Machine applique
  • Unusual wing materials, Chapter 8
  • Attaching the wings to a doll, Chapter 9
  • Shopping information

Title: Wing It!
Author: Virginia Robertson
Publication Date: Spiralbound:1997
Publisher: Osage Country Quilt Factory Publications, Dolores, CO
Page Count: 42
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: None

PATTERN RATING:Star Rating There's a nice variety of fairy wing patterns here that can be enlarged or reduced on a copy machine pretty easily.

INSTRUCTION RATING:Star Rating Instructions for various wing constructions are pretty thoroughly laid out in numbered steps, with illustrations in the margins to help the crafter.

SUMMARY- This was a fun book to pick up and made me interested in the rest of Ms. Robertson's work. Self-published can run the gamut in quality, but I was happy with this purchase and now looking for more.