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  • Introduction
  • General Instructions
  • Lady-bird, Lady-bird, fly away home
  • There was a little guinea-pig
  • Hickory, dickory dock (mouse)
  • Four-and-twenty tailors (snail)
  • If I had a Donkey
  • There was an Owl
  • Humpty-Dumpty sat on a wall
  • Goosey-goosey Gander
  • To market, to market (pig)
  • Hickety-pickety, my black hen (with chicks)
  • I love little pussy
  • Bow, wow, wow (Basset Hound)
  • Old Mother Hubbard (Poodle)
  • A Fox jumped up one winter's night
  • A Frog he would a'wooing go
  • I had a little pony
  • Basic doll
  • I had a little nut-tree (Doll)
  • Little Miss Muffet (Doll and Spider)
  • Mary had a little lamb (Doll and Lamb)
  • Round and round the garden (Teddy-bear)
  • the Lion and the Unicorn
  • Patterns
  • Further Reading
  • Suppliers
  • Index

Title: Making Nursery Rhyme Soft Toys
Author: Vivien Rees
Publication Date: Hardcover:1975
Publisher: Cassell & Collier Macmillan Publishers Ltd., London
Page Count: 119
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 10" x 7 1/2"
ISBN: 0289705711

PATTERN RATING: Star Rating. Patterns are all gridded for enlarging, and have the old a-b-c markings on them to aid the crafter, but few other marking (including a lack of seam allowance). You can tell what the the toy is supposed to be when looking at it, but many of them have some off proportions that threw me a bit. Out of all the nursery rhymes she could have chosen, she chose the most common, which disappointed me. I would have liked at least a few that were off the beaten path.

INSTRUCTION RATING:Star Rating. There was very little illustration to go with the instructions, and the written component of the instructions wasn't broken down very well so you had to hunt for your place again every time you thumbed back to look at the pattern it was refering to. I would imagine this would be worse if you were actually making up the toy. If you don't already know what you're doing, these intructions won't help you.

SUMMARY- The toys lacked a lot of the detail I look for in a toy - the unicorn had no hooves, the lion no claws(not even embroidered ones, which I would have accepted). She didn't even pick interesting nursery rhymes, only the ones best known.