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  • General Instructions
  • Simple Dolls
  • Ready-Dressed Dolls
  • Dress-Up Dolls
  • Giant Dolls
  • Fabric Modeled Dolls
  • Clay Modeling
  • Collectors' Dolls
  • Wired Dolls
  • Basic Animals
  • Roly-Poly Animals
  • Four-Legged Animals
  • Zoo Collections
  • Other Animals
  • Woolly Toys
  • Woolly Fabric Toys
  • Index

Title: The Splendid Soft Toy Book
Author: Erna Rath
Publication Date: Hardcover:1981
Publisher: Sterling Publishing Co. Inc.
Page Count: 112
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 10 1/4" x 9 3/4"
ISBN: 0806954485

PATTERN RATING: Star Rating. The patterns are mostly for dolls and their clothes, and could be pretty useful for someone who makes dolls and likes to dress them for a basic pattern resource. The patterns are plentiful, but are very small scale and will have to be resized, and have minimal markings on them.

INSTRUCTION RATING:Star Rating. The instructions are minimal for putting the toys together and don't have any illustrations. If you don't already know what you are doing, the instructions won't help you much.

BONUS MECHANICS RATING:Star Rating. The patterns and designs are a compilation of original German craft books published through the mid- to late seventies. There is a nice brief section on clay modeling with a useful photo of the various steps for making a head, hands and feet. There's also a very nice section on doing hair for dolls, and painting features. The few animal patterns are stuck in like an after-thought, though the small section on pompom critters look fun.