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  • An Introduction to the Art
  • SEEING OURSELVES- The Intepretive Figure:
    • Elizabeth Brandon
    • Christine Adams
    • Helen Kish
    • Sonja Bryer
    • Kezi
    • Nancy Villaseñor
    • Edna Daly
    • Robert Raikes
    • Rebecca Iverson
    • Patricia Ryan Brooks
    • Kenneth von Essen
    • Susan Wakeen
    • Cathleen O'Rork
    • Ruth Ann Eckersley
    • Mary Ann Oldenburg
    • Debby Anderson
    • Margaret Hickson
  • MOMENTS IN TIME- The Portrait Figure:
    • Charlotte Zeepvat
    • Marilyn Stauber
    • Cecilia Rothman
    • Gillian Charlson
    • Don Anderson
    • Paul Crees
    • Ann Parker
    • Sheila Wallace
    • June Gale
    • Margaret Glover
    • Michael Langton
  • FLIGHTS OF FANCY- The Character Figure:
    • Edna Shaw
    • Ellen Turner
    • William Arthur Wiley
    • Julia Hills
    • Tuck Dolls
    • Robert Keene McKinley
    • Jean Heighton
    • Lisa Lichtenfels
    • Beverly Port
    • Blythe Collins-Kretschmer
    • Nerissa
    • Susanna Oroyan
    • Van Craig
  • Beginnings, the Prototype
  • A Collector's Guide
  • Learning More
  • Sources and Supplies
  • Directory of Artists
  • About the Authors

Title: A Collector's Guide: Contemporary Artist Dolls
Author: Susanna Oroyan, Carol-Lunn Rössel Waugh
Publication Date: HC:1986
Publisher: Hobby House Press, Inc., Cumberland, MD
Page Count: 248
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11 1/4" x 8 3/4"
ISBN: 0875882714

SUMMARY- I wasn't sure what to expect when I ordered this book. It turns out to be a small biography of each of the designers showcased with lots of photographs(black-and-white) displaying samples of each artist's work. I was really pleased to find this for inspiration and to get a good view of the doll artists of the 1980's.