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  • Preface: It all depends...
  • Introduction: Costume and the Elements of Design
  • Chapter One: Stuff and Stitches
  • Chapter Two: Pattern Drafting
  • Chapter Three: Applied Costume
  • Chapter Four: The Elements of Costume
  • Chapter Five: Embellishments
  • Chapter Six: Specialized Costume
  • Chapter Seven: Display
  • Chapter Eight: Beyond
  • Chapter Nine: Photography
  • Chapter Ten: Packing and Shipping
  • The Artists
  • Bibliography
  • Sources
  • About the Author
  • Index

Title: Finishing the Figure: Doll Costuming, Embellishements, Accessories
Author: Susanna Oroyan
Publication Date: TPB:2001
Publisher: C&T Publishing, Lafayette, CA
Page Count: 160
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: 1571201211

BONUS MECHANICS RATING:Star Rating If you are interested in designing dolls, this book is a must have. While it isn't definitive(you get a scattershot of designing details that cover a lot of ground), it is ambitious, and the gallery of examples from many many contemporary artists alone is worth the price of admission.

SUMMARY- I'm a huge fan of all Susanna Oroyan's books. They are inspiring, and that's a hat trick most books of any vintage have a hard time pulling off. Ms. Oroyan's are consistently so. This book is an engrossing read, and you can spend hours just studying the details of the dolls she gives as examples. I strongly recommend this book.

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