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  • Introduction
    • Through play the child enters life
  • Soft Dolls
    • The doll- a human image
  • The infant
    • Environment: part of the child's inner life
    • Human contact vs. material stimulus
    • Summary
    • Toys
  • Gesture (ages 1-2)
    • The child does what we do
    • Anna draws
    • The colors of the toys
    • Materials of which the toys are made
    • The four elements
    • Summary
    • Toys (ages 1-2)
  • Language (ages 3-4)
    • Rhymes and verses
    • The doll, the child's alter ego
    • True-to-life toys
    • Andy draws
    • Change, transform!
    • Repetition
    • The zoo and the ant
    • Summary
    • Toys (ages 3-4)
  • Thought (ages 5-6)
    • Inner conceptions
    • Maria draws
    • Come and play, Mommy!
    • The doll friend
    • Impressions from the senses
    • Summary
    • Toys (ages 5-6)
  • The school-age child
    • The imagination flourishes
    • Johnny draws
    • Doll play during school years
    • Meaningful activities
    • War toys
    • The rhythm of the year
    • Summary
    • Toys (school age)
  • It's all set-start playing!
    • AV materials and preschool children
    • Building hiding places
    • Replicas
    • The artist
    • The little collector
    • Do children mean all they say?
    • The child as a consumer
    • Educational toys
    • Summary
  • The child who can't play
    • Conrad
    • Full of imagination- or phantoms?
    • The fairytale-our inner reality
    • Summary
  • About wool
  • Knot-dolls
    • Doll with head of knotted fabric
    • Doll with ball head
    • Knot-doll marionette
    • Doll-house doll
  • Sack doll
  • coverall doll
    • Model with gathered waist
    • Model with smooth waist
  • Yarn doll
  • Dress-up doll
    • Transfer the pattern to the fabric
    • The head
    • Binding off the inner head
    • Skin fabric over the inner head
    • Sewing the body and arms
    • Stuffing the body and arms
    • Assembly and proportions
    • Stitched-off legs, feet, etc.
    • The face
    • The hair
    • Hairstyles
  • Other ways to make the doll
    • The neck
    • The inner head
    • The body
    • The legs
  • Clothes
    • Some ideas for simple clothes
  • Advice for washing
    • Normal soiling
    • Heavy soiling
    • The child bathes the doll
  • Repairs and adjustments
    • Ten common mistakes
  • When the beloved doll is hopelessly worn out

Title: THE DOLL BOOK:Soft Dolls and Creative Free Play
Author: Karin Neutschütz (translated from the Swedish by Ingun Schneider)
Publication Date: TPB:1982
Publisher: Larson Publications, Inc., Burdett, NY
Page Count: 179
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 8 1/2" x 5 1/2"
ISBN: 0-943914-01-9

PATTERN RATING:Star Rating. There are very sketchy patterns for mitten-hand doll in the back. There are only two photos in the back with the doll patterns to show two of the dolls made up - and they look pretty good for very generic dolls.

INSTRUCTION RATING:Star Rating. The instructions for the various dolls are pretty basic, but do have illustration to help them along. Since the dolls are pretty primitive, they don't really need a lot.

SUMMARY- Most of this book is taken up with description of play and the development of children's play. It's quite useful in this department, and interesting reading. The doll patterns are designed to support the idea of imaginative play without letting sophisticated toy details getting in the way. If that's what you're looking for, you may really enjoy this book.