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  • Introduction
  • Chapter One: Reaping Rewards Making Teddy Bears
  • Chapter Two: Learn from the Experts
    • Teddy Bear Making - Many Options
      by Steve Schutt, Joan Woessner
    • The Magic of Mohair
      by Linda Spiegel
    • Pattern Options
      by Steve Schutt, Joan Woessner
    • Miniature Bear Making
      by Janie Comito
  • Teddy Bear Making Supply Sources
  • Artist's Index

Title: The Ultimate Handbook for Making Teddy Bears
Author: Linda Mullins
Publication Date: TPB:1998
Publisher: Hobby House Press, Grantsville, MD
Page Count: 88
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: 0875885187

PATTERN RATING:Star Rating You get a very well marked basic bear pattern, and three well marked miniature bear patterns.

INSTRUCTION RATING:Star Rating You get great instruction with heavy illustration on customizing the basic pattern given in the book.

BONUS MECHANICS RATING:Star Rating This isn't just a pattern book - it is designed to help you customize to your own tastes and gives great advise on how to go about this. Not many books get the bonus mechanics rating, but this one certainly merits it.

SUMMARY- I was surprised to discover this book's focus was on customizing a basic bear pattern for your own artist bears. It does a great job in establishing the steps necessary and takes you through the process. I happily recommend this book.

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