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  • TOYS
    • Felt
      • Pinky the Elephant
      • Freddy Fir and Sally Spruce
      • Lindy the Ladybird
      • Leapy Frog
      • Flutter-by the Butterfly
      • Sea Horse
      • Dippy Dolphin and Dilly Dolphin
      • Polly Parrot
    • Fabric
      • Chicky Chick
      • Billy Bunny
      • Oliver Owl
      • Sandy Carrot
      • Wobbly Woo and Wobbly Winnie
    • Four-legged Animals
      • Timmy Tortoise
      • Piggy Porker
      • Rory Lion
    • Rattles
      • Basic Instructions
      • Circular Rattle. Patterned cotton
      • Circular Rattle. Embroidery
      • Circular Rattle. Felt Animal
      • Circular Rattle. Funny Face
      • Do-It-Yourself Shape
      • Bell Rattle. Felt Strips
      • Bell Rattle. Ric-rac
      • Bell Rattle. Embroidery
      • Bluebell Rattle
      • Harlequin Rattle
    • The Rupert Toys
      • Rupert. Basic Instructions
      • Rupert Duck
      • Rupert Cat
      • Rupert Rabbit
      • Rupert Funniman
      • Rupert Monkey
    • Glove Puppet
      • Jock McThistle

Title: Soft Toys Made Easy
Author: Brenda Morton
Publication Date: Booklet:1972
Publisher: Taplinger Publishing Co., NY
Page Count: 119
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 8 1/2" x 6 3/4"
ISBN: 0800872452

PATTERN RATING:Star Rating These are extremely simple patterns - most of them two part. She uses the old ABC method of marking her patterns and most of them have to be resized but those are gridded to help the crafter. There is a wide variety of patterns, and none of them are for gussetted toys. She really did keep it very simple. I wavered between two and three stars, and finally decided that the glove puppet and the Rupert dolls were unusual enough to be worth the price of admission.

INSTRUCTION RATING:Star Rating Despite the extreme simplicity of the patterns, she does a thorough job of laying out instructions for them and sprinkling them generously with illustrations. I think a 10 year-old could probably follow these instructions and turn out something that looks as good.

SUMMARY- This is a well done craft book - just not my cup of tea. It reminded me of the old homemade/handmade debate, and these fell on the homemade side of my aesthetics meter. Which is one of the reasons I made up the star rating system. If you'd just seen a summary from me, you'd never guess that your mileage may vary...