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  • Doll Making- A Creative Art
  • Getting Started
  • Elements of the Doll
  • Making Shaped Face Masks
  • Part I: Rag Dolls
    • Basic Dolls
    • Folk Art Doll
    • Traditional Doll
    • Pioneer Doll
    • Spring Doll
    • Toddler Doll
  • Part II: Fantasy Dolls
    • Decorative String doll
    • Witch
    • Angel
    • Bead-Jointed Doll
    • Mermaid
    • Rose Fairy
    • clown
    • Santa
    • Fantasy Flapper
  • Part III: Special Dolls
    • Baby Doll
    • Child Dolls
    • African Boy
    • Pierrot
    • Pirate Princess
  • Patterns and Templates
  • Resources
  • Index and Acknowledgments

Title: The Book of Doll Making: A comprehensive project book and reference to making traditional and innovative dolls
Author: Alicia Merrett
Publication Date: HC:1998
Publisher: Chartwell Books, Edison, NJ
Page Count: 192
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 12 1/4" x 9 1/4"
ISBN: 0-7858-0887-6

PATTERN RATING:Star Rating Patterns are all in the back of the book, and while they are not full-size, there are instructions on the page that tell you how much to enlarge on a photocopier - a very painless way of handling this perenial problem. Pattern pieces are fairly well marked and you get a lovely variety in both type of doll and difficulty levels.

INSTRUCTION RATING:Star Rating You get well laid out and broken down instructions with some illustration to help the seamstress.

BONUS MECHANICS RATING:Star Rating She gives great little tutorials in the first chapter on doll design that are worth a read. If you want to design your own cloth dolls, this is an excellent book to have on hand. She goes over useful things like joint design and placement of features depending on the age/gender of the doll, among many other things.

SUMMARY- Ms. Merrett never half does anything. I've long been a fan of her teddy bear books, and so was happy to run across a cloth doll book of hers - then I got to look through it and was REALLY happy. There is a really great assortment of projects here to suit most needs. If you're looking for a doll book that will have more than one useful pattern in it, this is one for your shelf.

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